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Fred Wheaton, Wysox

Michael Robert Longcoy, 22, New Albany, faces charges for theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property, and criminal trespass for an incident that occurred between Jan. 4 and 14. Police allege that Longcoy removed a four-row corn planter, a sickle bar, several lengths of corrugated pipe, and miscellaneous pieces of scrap metal with a value of $1,000 from Towanda Iron and Metal in Wilmot Township and attempted to cover up the theft by associating the items with a cleanup he had performed for an Estelle, Sullivan County, resident in mid-December 2010. When interviewed, the Sullivan County resident repudiated Longcoy’s claim that he had removed the equipment from her barn. She remarked in a written statement that she does not have a barn, a detail that was corroborated by at least one other person who, along with Longcoy, had helped the Estelle resident clean out a garage and store to prepare for her eventual move out of state. The owner of Towanda Iron and Metal, listed as Lawrence Romano, identified the equipment as his that visible in the back of Longcoy’s truck in the photo provided by police. Longcoy faces an April 20 preliminary hearing. Genevieve Marie McGowan, 60, Standing Stone Township, faces charges for not showing up in court to testify against a man known to her whom she had claimed assaulted her in November 2010. Both were to appear at Judge Wheaton’s office on Nov. 10, but Genevieve McGowan did not appear. Her alleged attacker, who remained in contact with Genevieve, told the waiting officer that she was most likely in the Philadelphia area, where she had traveled after filing the charges. He had been in communication with her recently, reminded her that she would have to appear at the judge’s office, and sent her money to purchase bus ticket back to Bradford County. The alleged attacker also reported that Genevieve acknowledged receipt of the money but spent it on other things. Genevieve McGowan’s preliminary hearing is set for May 11. Angela Lynn Camp-Adams, 35, Wyalusing RR3, faces charges for DUI and related traffic offenses in an incident dated March 27. At approximately 1:20 a.m., police allege that Camp-Adams entered a left-turn-only lane near the Dandy Mart in Wyalusing in an attempt to pass a tanker truck, but pulled back into the east-bound lane. The officer who pulled her over reported that there was a moderate odor of alcohol emitting from the open window, and Camp-Adam allegedly answered affirmatively when asked if she had consumed any alcohol. The officer administered field sobriety tests when Camp-Adams allegedly struggled to separate her driver’s license from several credit cards. Subsequent BAC and blood tests produced a BAC of .145 and .141, respectively. She faces a May 11 preliminary hearing.

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