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Fred Wheaton, Wysox


Ronald James Baker, 50, Towanda, faces charges of burglary, criminal trespass, harassment, and criminal mischief after he allegedly forcibly entered the home of an estranged girlfriend who had requested prior to the incident that he not come around any more. When she tried to call the police, Baker reportedly took the phone from her and prevented her from leaving. Baker also allegedly jumped on top of the woman and choked her with his hands when she refused to have intercourse with him. The next morning, Baker reportedly threatened the victim that she would get more of the same treatment if she ever tried to leave him. Baker’s preliminary hearing was set for May 25.

Several DUI arrests were recorded at Judge Wheaton’s office over the past few weeks as follows:

Travis Jean Sitas, 23, Wyalusing RR3, was charged with DUI, disorderly conduct, and numerous driving offenses for an accident that occurred on Route 409, south of Comiskey Road, in Wyalusing Township at about 2:20 a.m. on Feb. 6. Sitas allegedly rear-ended a gas well water truck and attempted to flee the scene, but drivers of additional water trucks walled him in. As the drivers phoned for assistance, they reported that Sitas was throwing cans of beer over an embankment. The tanker drivers indicated to police that Sitas first passed several trucks at a high rate of speed before rounding a corner and failing to stop for another tanker on a snowy road. Sitas, who was out of his truck when police arrived, denied that he had been driving, refused to participate in field sobriety tests, and refused a drug test at Towanda Memorial Hospital, where his behavior was deemed disruptive. With the number of witnesses, the evidence of the damaged vehicles, and the four cans of Busch beer found over the embankment, police charged Sitas with the aforementioned offenses and report that he confessed to being the driver of the truck during a Feb. 10 interview. His preliminary hearing is set for July 11.

Katlyn Theresa Fuller, 18, Wysox, was charged with under-age DUI and related driving offenses for an incident dated March 12 on Laning Creek Road at Fifth Street in Wysox Township. Fuller was about to be transported to Towanda Memorial Hospital by EMS personnel when police arrived at the scene. An investigation indicated that Fuller had crossed the oncoming lane and struck a speed limit sign before striking two trees at a residence before the vehicle came to rest. A blood test at the hospital produced a BAC of .189. Fuller faces a June 8 preliminary hearing.

John Danial Sharts, 48, Sugar Run, was charged with DUI, failure to remain at the scene of an accident, and driving while operating privileges were revoked for his part of a two-vehicle accident on the morning of Feb. 21 on Route 187 in Wilmot Township. Sharts allegedly pleaded with the driver of the other vehicle not to call the police, as this incident “would be his second DUI.” He reportedly said as he left the scene that he was going to return with his daughter and say that she was driving. The registered owner of the vehicle also provided verbal and written statements incriminating Sharts, who now faces a June 8 preliminary hearing.

Raymond Martin Brink, 41, Wyalusing RR1, faces charges of DUI and careless driving after being pulled over by police at 1:53 a.m. on May 1. A blood test at Towanda Memorial Hospital indicated a BAC of .111. A preliminary hearing is set for June 22.

Holly Marie Baker, 26, Wyalusing Township, was charged with DUI for an incident dated March 30. Police, who were responding to a call about two females running in and out of traffic, found Baker seated and a passenger seated in her vehicle on Route 6 at Red Rock Road in Wysox Township at 3:30 a.m. The women indicated to police that they had run out of gas and had been trying to flag down other motorists to help them. The officers were under the impression that both were intoxicated and conducted field sobriety tests on Baker, which she failed. A blood test at Towanda Memorial Hospital nearly two hours later produced a BAC of .093. Baker faces a July 1 preliminary hearing.

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