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Fred Wheaton, Wysox


Matthew Gene Solie, 35, Towanda, faces charges for breaking wildlife regulations and unlawful taking of big game when he and his brother, Lucas Solie, allegedly shot two wild turkeys out of season on April 30 in Standing Stone Township and transported them to Matthew’s home. A resident near the scene of the unlawful harvest saw the Solie brothers come out of the woods and approached them.  Matthew reportedly walked away into the woods, but Lucas stood his ground and identified himself to the witness, who called the state game commission. A wildlife conservation officer spoke first with the witness, then went to Towanda, where he interviewed the brothers separately. Matthew’s preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 16. No information about charges against Lucas Solie has yet been released. 

Sonja Daneen Perry, 43, Monroeton, faces charges for retail theft from the Kmart store in Wysox Township at which she had been employed for more than a year. The store’s loss prevention managers presented evidence to Perry of at least 18 known items at a value of $364.56, and Perry allegedly admitted to the crimes. When police questioned her as to what motivated the series of thefts, Perry suggested that she didn’t really know other than getting away with it made her “feel good” and want to do it again. Perry, who was released into the custody of her son, faced an Aug. 24 preliminary hearing.

Shaine Wesley Huffman, 21, Towanda, faces charges of DUI after he was found sleeping in his vehicle in the Dandy Mini Mart parking lot at Routes 6 and 187 in Wysox Township at about 5:20 a.m. on July 30. The car was still running, and the reporting officer noted that Huffman stepped on the gas when the patrolman yelled at him to wake up. Huffman, who allegedly admitted to drinking the night before, failed field sobriety tests, blew a .95 BAC on site, and consented to a blood test at Towanda Memorial Hospital that yielded a BAC of .124. His preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 21.

Shannon Lynn Boos, 40, currently detained at the correctional institution in Muncy, faces 17 counts of forgery, identity theft, and theft by unlawful taking. Between December 2010 and February of this year, Boos reportedly found a variety of ways to use personal checks that she had taken from Charlotte Sandor, a 78-year-old Stevens Township resident for whom Boos provided assistance until she was accused of misusing the woman’s credit card account a few months prior. Boos solicited the involvement of at least two different men to help her use the checks at various locations in Bradford and Wyoming Counties, including the Dandy Mini Mart and Connies Supermarket in Wyalusing and Bluhm’s Shopping Center at Laceyville. Rob Fenton and Thomas Merritt, no ages or addresses provided, were both initially implicated as accomplices in the crimes, but both men gave written statements against Boos that indicated that they had been duped into believing that Boos had permission to use Sandor’s checks. A preliminary hearing was set for Aug. 31. 

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