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Jeffrey Hollister, Montrose


      Jeremiah J. Dewitt, 26, Montrose, will answer charges of DUI and recklessly endangering another after a traffic stop in the borough on the evening of Aug. 6. According to reports filed, Dewitt was stopped by Patrolman Nathaniel Williams for not having a registration or temporary tag visible on his vehicle. Upon further conversation with Dewitt, Williams noted a strong smell of alcohol, and also that Dewitt had a two-year-old child in the child restraint in his vehicle. Dewitt admitted to having five beers since noon that day, and when he failed the field sobriety tests, he was taken into custody. The child was driven in Dewitt’s vehicle to Dewitt’s mother’s Cherry St. residence by the Chief, and Dewitt was transported to EMHS, where his blood alcohol less than two hours after the stop was measured at .225.

      Charges have been filed against Anthony Baker, 26, Kingsley, stemming from a complaint filed by the 24 Hour Laundry in the Lake Montrose Plaza. Police reports indicate that Baker was identified by county probation officer Al Smith from pictures obtained from surveillance video presented by the laundry’s owner, Christian Nicolais. In the video, a man is seen arriving at the laundry at 11:23 on July 24 with a woman, who was also identified by Smith as Miranda Briggs. The same man returned in the company of another man a short time later and was seen breaking into the crane machine and stealing the small amount of change it contained. The laundry also reported a second break-in to the machine on Aug. 19.

      Flynn’s Stone Castle in Lawton fell victim to theft by deception due to bad checks in November of last year, but now charges have been filed against the writer of those checks, Matthew Drogan, Tunkhannock. According to the report filed, Drogan wrote two checks to Shawnay Hunsinger for $70 and $150 on Nov. 3 and 4, which Hunsinger cashed at Flynn’s. Drogan also wrote a check to himself on Nov. 3 for $34.80. All three checks were returned by the bank as closed accounts, and Flynn’s encountered $20 in fees per check. The previous cases are scheduled to be heard by the district judge on Oct. 12.

      A Nicholson man has also fallen victim to theft by deception in recent weeks, but of a different sort. On Sept. 15, Clyde Very filed a complaint at the DA’s office stating that Montrose resident Wayne C. Greene had duped him out of a large sum of borrowed money, which was to be paid back out of an inheritance Greene alleged he would be receiving. Reports with the judge state that Greene was a tenant in a building Very owned in Montrose, and that the problem began when Greene was released from jail on Aug. 26. Very assisted him by loaning living expenses on the assurance by Greene that all monies borrowed, plus back rent owed, would be paid in full by Sept. 15 when his inheritance came through Charles Schwab. Greene maintained that he would also be using the money to buy the building he lived in. Very was told he’d be contacted by the firm about the matter, and a man in fact called and identified himself as representing the agency, asking that Very continue to assist Greene with his financial difficulties until the money came through. Very then loaned various amounts to Greene over the course of the next several weeks, including money for medicine for Greene’s dying mother, then clothes and flowers for the mother’s funeral, as well as securing a rental car for Greene to travel to see his mother in the hospital. Very was told by a Craig Johnson, the alleged representative from Charles Schwab, that they would meet on Sept. 14 and all funds would be reimbursed, as well as the money to buy the building where Greene was a tenant, but on that date Very received a call from Johnson saying he’d been in an accident and could not meet. That same day, a call came from Charles Schwab saying that no such person as Wayne Greene appeared in their records, at which point Greene admitted in writing that he had borrowed the money and owed it. The following day, he signed a document in the presence of the sheriff and the probation officer stating that he had made a claim about an inheritance to Very. He is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 26.

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