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Jeffrey Hollister, Montrose


Joseph Bartkus, 29, Springville, is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 17 to answer charges lodged against him, following a postponement due to witness unavailability. According to papers filed with the judge, Bartkus is accused of taking prescription morphine tablets from an elderly relative while she was visiting family, and attempting to sell them to another family member. The victim, Patricia Carpenter, is a resident of DeLong Green Acres Personal Care Home, Washingtonville, who was released to the care of her brother for four days in June to attend the funeral of their father. When she returned to the home, court records maintain that a staff count of her medications discovered the missing pills, and the discrepancy was reported to state police at Milton. The ensuing investigation led to Gibson State Police interviewing a cousin of Joseph Bartkus, who in turn alleged that Bartkus asked him if he knew where he could sell the pills. Bartkus faces multiple charges, including possession of controlled substances and theft.

A Friendsville woman will answer charges on Oct. 24 of DUI, disregard of traffic lane and unsafe speed stemming from an accident that occurred in April. According to reports filed, Jean Larson, 30, had already been taken by ambulance to Endless Mountains Health Systems when state police arrived at the scene of the accident on SR167. The investigating officer attested in court documents that he observed the car on its roof and a bag containing beer cans nearby in the woods when he arrived on scene. He further indicated that he had spoken with an individual who had come upon the accident when the driver was lying in the road and that person alleged that the driver had admitted she’d been drinking and asked for help. Further reports indicate that Larson was interviewed at the hospital as the driver, and that she allegedly denied drinking but instead maintained that she had swerved to avoid a deer and lost control. Court records state that Larson did agree to a blood alcohol test, which indicated a BAC over the legal limit, leading to charges filed by state police on Sept. 27.

Joel Thompson, New Milford, is facing numerous charges filed in district court stemming from an incident occurring on Aug. 17. Reports allege that an unconscious male was found alone in his running vehicle at an intersection in Bridgewater Township by a passerby, who called 911. Officers investigating the scene found evidence of heroin use in plain view in the vehicle, and all such paraphernalia was secured as evidence and the vehicle towed from the scene. Reports indicate that the vehicle was registered to Thompson, and that when police interviewed the person brought in to Endless Mountains Health Systems from the scene, he was identified by driver's license as Thompson. Court records further allege that Thompson admitted being a relapsed addict to police, but he refused chemical blood testing and remained at the hospital for observation. Charges Thompson will face in court on Oct. 24 include possession of a controlled substance, possession and use of drug paraphernalia and DUI, along with several traffic violations.

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