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Jeffrey Hollister, Montrose


Salvatore Gentile, 44, Montrose, will face charges of simple assault, theft and harassment in district court on Oct. 12 stemming from an incident that occurred outside the County Seat Tavern in September. Just after midnight on Sept. 29, court documents state, police were called to the scene with the report of a woman being assaulted. Upon arrival, Patrolman James Smith of Montrose Borough Police was met by three individuals, one of whom was Angel Powers, Montrose, who claimed she’d been assaulted by Gentile when she refused to leave the bar with him. Witnesses also alleged that when Powers would not go, Gentile took her purse and phone and left with them. Smith’s report indicates that he eventually went to Gentile’s residence and retrieved Powers’s belongings and returned them to her, but Powers then alleged that her house key, cash and prescription medication were missing from her purse. According to reports, because Gentile was on probation at the time of the incident, he was arrested and jailed pending further action.

Routine police patrols throughout the Montrose area have netted several drivers operating under the influence of controlled substances in recent weeks. According to paperwork filed, all will appear before the judge on Oct. 31 to answer the various charges stemming from their respective incidents.

Scheduled to appear are: Michelle Rudolph, 34, Brooklyn, DUI general impairment, DUI high rate (BAC .10 to .16) and careless driving stemming from an incident on Aug. 2 when Susquehanna County sheriff’s department officers called for assistance when they allege a car was observed traveling at an unsafe speed along Chestnut St. in Montrose. The street was crowded with foot traffic at the time, during the National Night Out Against Crime. Court papers indicate Rudolph was the operator of the vehicle and allege that in addition to failing the field sobriety test and testing positive on the portable breathalyzer, a search of the vehicle revealed an empty alcohol bottle and a two-liter bottle containing cola mixed with alcohol.

Thomas Kerr, 32, Montrose, DUI general impairment, DUI highest rate (BAC above .16) and failure to keep in lane, after police allege he was traveling erratically on SR706 on Aug. 14.

Lawrence White, 47, New Milford, DUI general impairment, DUI high rate and failure to keep in lane after police allege he was swerving and crossing the yellow line while traveling through Montrose on Aug. 26.

Timothy Holmes, 36, Montrose, DUI general impairment, DUI highest rate and fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement following a traffic stop when police allege he was traveling through Montrose at a high rate of speed on Aug. 28.

Keith Jenkins, Jr., 36, Kingsley, DUI general impairment, DUI high rate and careless driving following an incident on Oct. 4 in which court records allege he was followed by Montrose police up Lake Ave. and stopped just before reaching SR29. According to reports, the Communications Center confirmed that the license plate did not match the vehicle, leading also to a charge of operating an unregistered vehicle

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