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Jeffrey Hollister, Montrose


Chelsea Keefe, 20, Laceyville, is scheduled to appear in court on charges of receiving stolen property, stemming from an incident of burglary and theft occurring in Auburn Township in March of this year. Previous reports have named the suspect in the case, wherein Gina Olshan reported that several items were removed from her home. Keefe has been alleged to have accompanied the actor in his efforts to sell the stolen items. Keefe had a preliminary hearing on Oct. 31 and a court date is set for December.

Search of a Montrose property prompted by information from the Drug Task Force has led to charges being filed against Stephen Moser on Oct. 26. According to court documents, Moser’s property was sighted by agency officers in a helicopter as having marijuana plants growing outside. Upon investigation, reports state, the residence was unoccupied but officers were able to identify plants outside and inside in plain view through a bathroom window. Moser was allegedly contacted by telephone in the hospital in New York State and gave permission to search the premises, providing a key to state officers via transport by New York state police. Items seized include plants and grow lights, and reports list charges of possession of controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia, namely grow lights, as filed against Moser. He will answer charges in court on Dec. 5.

A child kidnapping case has led to further charges filed against a Michigan woman in local district court. Keri Ann Green has been summoned to answer charges of interference with child custody, stemming from an incident that occurred in early October. Reports allege that Green assisted her daughter, Crystal Williams, in taking Williams’s minor child out of the state, thereby knowingly violating a court order of custody. According to court documents, Williams alleged to investigators on Oct. 14 that Green prompted her to arrange a visit with her child in Susquehanna County and then take the child back to Michigan, where Green and Williams were living. Reports state that Williams further alleged that Green not only assisted her in the transporting of the child, but also indicated it would be up to the child’s father and his family to find them and prove they had taken the child without permission. Green is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 5.


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