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Jeffrey Hollister, Montrose


Kurt Frey, Montrose, is scheduled to appear in district court on Dec. 5 to answer charges that he kept money fronted him for a home improvement project he did not undertake. According to court documents, Frey allegedly proposed doing work for Michael Munda and was given a check for $720 to purchase materials in September of this year, and although the check was cashed, no materials were delivered and no work begun. Records further allege that Munda has been unable to contact Frey regarding either the scheduled work or the return of his deposit.

Montrose Borough Police have entered a complaint against Patrick Treacy, Thompson, stemming from an incident they responded to in the borough on Oct. 26. According to reports, police were called with report of a disturbance and found Sara Briggs sitting at the top of a staircase with red marks on her face and a broken screen door behind her. Briggs alleged to police that Treacy had been asked to leave the residence and refused, and then came up the stairs and threw her into the door, causing damage to the door, injury to Briggs’ head and shoulder, and a tear in her jacket. Charges filed include simple assault, criminal trespass and harassment.

Another dispute that led to charges occurred in Franklin Township on Oct. 23, when Stephen McGuire was asked to leave the residence of his girlfriend Nicole Herman by the girlfriend’s roommate, Diane Sena. According to court documents, Sena stated that McGuire is not welcome in the home, and when she asked him to leave he became violent. It is further stated in reports that McGuire alleged he was injured by Sena when a door was opened into his face as he was leaving, and that he returned only to get his phone, but his car window was broken by another party, Edwin Blaisure, a friend of Sena, when he was leaving. Charges filed against McGuire stem from the allegation that he drove his car menacingly into the driveway, knocking over Blaisure and running over his foot, and include reckless endangerment, simple assault and two counts of harassment. His preliminary hearing is set for Dec. 5.

An investigation by Joseph Barry, acting as a Montrose School Police Officer, into the suspicious activity of some individuals on the school grounds on Oct. 24 has led to charges filed against Brett Johnson, Hallstead. According to reports, Barry observed Johnson and two others walking on the grounds in a stumbling manner and detected the smell of marijuana smoke in their presence. Documents indicate that Johnson was asked for identification but could not provide any, but in the course of further discussion did give his name and offer the information that he was a student. Further discussion led to Johnson offering up a small bag of marijuana, which was secured by Barry as evidence, reports alleged. Johnson is charged with possession of a controlled substance for personal use and is scheduled to appear in district court on Dec. 12.

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