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Jeffrey Hollister, Montrose


 An investigation into injuries to an eight-month-old child have led police to question both parents and charges filed against the child’s mother, according to reports filed. Court records indicate that on Dec. 6, the infant was taken to Endless Mountains Health Systems by the parents with an injury sustained in the home, ultimately diagnosed as a broken arm. The attending physician took protective custody of the child at the time, and Children and Youth Services was contacted. Reports further indicated that when police talked to the child’s father, Bowen Hazlett, he maintained that he was out of the room, heard the child scream and returned to find the mother, Nicole Mace, holding the baby, who was still crying. He further alleged that on examination, and based on his own experience as an EMT, he believed that the child’s arm was broken and subsequently took the mother and child to the hospital. State police also say that when they spoke with the mother, she maintained she did not know how the injury occurred, but police indicate that in further discussion of the timeline, Mace stated that it might have happened when she picked the child up from the crib or from the changing table. Both parents were cooperative during the investigation, records state. The child was placed into temporary foster care and charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, and endangering the welfare of a child have been levied against Mace. Records do not indicate any charges filed against Hazlett at this time.

      John Pease, Tunkhannock, also faces a charge of simple assault, along with those of making terroristic threats and reckless endangerment stemming from an incident that occurred on the afternoon of Dec. 12 in Montrose Borough. According to reports, Pease had just picked his son up from the Montrose High School and while transporting the child, the two argued and Pease allegedly struck his son when the youth tried to get out of the car at a stop sign. Police reports further allege that Pease continued to drive south on Route 29 toward Tunkhannock with the youth, who opened the door and yelled for help from pedestrians on the street. According to records, Pease admitted that he “backhanded” the youth when he opened the car door, and that he also drove to Tunkhannock with the door open, eventually encountering a Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission officer and asking for assistance. The Fish and Boat officer contacted Tunkhannock police, who came to the scene and took custody of Pease, then transferred him to Montrose Borough officers, since the incident occurred outside their jurisdiction. Pease was released on bail after a preliminary arraignment on Dec. 12 and will answer formal charges on Jan. 3.

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