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Michael Shaw, Sayre

Bobbi Jo Rockwell, 32, Sayre, faces prosecution for retail theft, deception and possession of a controlled substance. Police alleged that Rockwell used an assumed name on Feb. 23 to obtain a prescription for Zolpidem, which, Rockwell alleged that she was picking up for a customer known to the pharmacist at the Walmart store in Sayre.

Rockwell was able to provide personal information about the alleged recipient and paid cash for the drug. The alleged recipient returned a confirmation call placed to her by the pharmacist and informed the store employee that she had not requested any prescriptions to be filled, which prompted the pharmacist to involve the police. Rockwell, who had been involved in prior incidents at the same store, was identified by a Walmart asset protection manager via surveillance video. Rockwell, who was arraigned on March 18, was also charged for allegedly removing selected items from store shelves at Walmart and subsequently "returning" the items at the service desk for refunds in the form of gift cards. The total value of the gift cards allegedly obtained by Rockwell totaled $691.70.

Katie Anne Fraley, 34, Sayre, faces prosecution for simple assault, attempt by menace and harassment by physical contact for an incident that occurred on March 13. Police allege that Fraley attacked a person known to her after causing damage at the victim's Sayre home. A police officer, who responded to a call from the victim, found Fraley at the rear of the residence and contacted EMS to transport her to Robert Packer Hospital for treatment of apparently self-inflicted injuries. Fraley, who has denied involvement in the incident, faces an April 19 preliminary hearing.

Jason Michael Bean, 23, Athens, faces prosecution for DUI and additional traffic violations for an incident that occurred in Litchfield Township on Oct. 17, 2010. Police allege that Bean wrecked his truck after consuming alcohol. The reporting officer contends that Bean conceded to and failed field sobriety tests, which led to his arrest. A blood test performed at Towanda Memorial Hospital yielded a BAC of .230. A preliminary hearing has been set for April 15.

Zachary Daniel Hollingsead, 21, Ulster, faces prosecution for DUI, general impairment by a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia (a glass marijuana pipe). In an incident that occurred on March 5, police allege that Hollingsead was traveling at a high rate of speed and without lights at 1:21 a.m. on Desmond Street in Sayre. Police followed Hollingsead and pulled him over after he turned onto West Lockhart Street without using a turn signal. The reporting officer noted that he smelled the odor of alcohol and administered field sobriety tests to Hollingsead, which he allegedly failed. The officer placed Hollingsead under arrest and discovered the paraphernalia in the defendant's jacket pocket during a subsequent search. A blood test administered at Robert Packer Hospital yielded a BAC of .160. The defendant faces an April 15 preliminary hearing.

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