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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Stephen C. Shay, 53, and Debra L. Mann, 54, both of Sayre, face charges for their involvement in an altercation that, at one point, involved a shotgun. The reporting Sayre Borough police officer noted that several policemen, including an officer from Athens Township, responded to a call at 8:45 p.m. on April 15, about Shay holding a gun to Mann’s head in the front yard of a home on Hospital Place. As the officers arrived from different directions, follow-up calls indicated that Shay and Mann had taken their fight in and out of the house. Shay answered the door of the home and was placed into custody when he refused to disclose the location of the gun. While Shay was being handcuffed, Mann allegedly bolted from the house and tried to pull the officer away from Shay. Mann, who the reporting officer indicated was “visibly intoxicated,” was placed under arrest for obstruction of justice. Police subsequently found a box of 12-gauge ammunition inside the home and later located the shotgun under some hay in a flowerbed in front of the home. The gun was allegedly loaded, and the safety was in the “off” position. Witnesses allege that Mann had managed to get the gun away from Shay, who, she stated, was attempting to kill himself. It was unclear who had hidden the gun, which was secured along with other firearms found inside the home by the Athens Township police officer. Shay was charged with simple assault by menace, tampering with evidence, disorderly conduct/fighting, and harassment. In addition to obstruction of justice, Mann was also charged with tampering with physical evidence. Each was arraigned on $3,000 bail, and face April 26 preliminary hearings.

Eric R. Farrell, 30, Granite City, IL, faces charges for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, public drunkenness, terroristic threats, and other charges from an event dated April 13, just after midnight. An Athens Borough policeman requested backup when he received a call about “a male out of control” at Twin Rivers Terrace Apartments on Short Street in Athens. As police from Athens and Sayre responded, several apartment house residents met them and guided them to Farrell, who had fled through a back sliding door and was found hiding in the shadows near the building. Police allege that Farrell was found to have both bath salts and synthetic marijuana in his pockets and admitted to using the bath salts. Witnesses reported that Farrell became unruly upon accusing a downstairs neighbor of talking about his relatives, whom the neighbor asserted she did not know and had not been talking about. One of the Athens police officers continued to interview witnesses, while the Sayre patrolman questioned Farrell, who, they allege, suddenly became violent and began swinging his fists. It took at least three officers and multiple attempts to get Farrell physically constrained and into a police cruiser. He faces an April 26 preliminary hearing.

Darren Scott Daub, 48, Sayre, faces charges for theft and receiving stolen property for an incident that occurred on or about April 14. Police responded to a call on April 15 from an Athens Township resident who reported the theft of a concrete statue of an eagle, a wheelbarrow, and a flowerpot from her property the previous day. The victim’s neighbor had allegedly seen two males “sneaking around” the property on April 14, and the victim’s son identified what appeared to be the same items at a home around the corner while riding his bike. Police rode by that house first, saw a wheelbarrow against the building, and stopped to speak to Daub, who was sitting outside the residence with another male. Both men denied any knowledge of the wheelbarrow being stolen, but the officer said that he would return shortly after speaking with the victim, who agreed to meet the patrolman at Daub’s residence a few minutes later. The wheelbarrow, which Daub allegedly admitted to taking from the victim’s home, had since been moved to the back of his residence. Although he denied any further involvement with the crime, a subsequent investigation revealed the statue of the eagle under a tarp in Daub’s shed. Daub was arraigned on $5,000 bail, and his preliminary hearing is set for April 26.

Gary Allen Bennett, II, 41, Sayre, faces charges for retail theft for allegedly stealing $211 worth of cologne from the Walmart store on Elmira Street on March 30. Surveillance tapes from the store show a male matching Bennett’s description removing several bottles of cologne and fragrances from their packaging and concealing them in his jacket prior to going to the cash register to make a small purchase. Bennett was wearing the same camouflage jacket seen in the video when police arrived at his residence to arrest him. He faces a May 24 preliminary hearing.

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