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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Michael Shaw, Sayre

Sarah Ann Bradley, 35, Sayre, faces charges of theft by deception and receiving stolen property after allegedly removing at least $3,000 between January 2009 and April 29 from the bank account of the Athens Little Cats Wrestling Club, for which she served as treasurer. Bradley also allegedly created a false impression within her family and the community that she was suffering from breast cancer. At least $13,000 was raised by family and friends to cover the cost of cancer treatments that she never received. As per a recorded confession, police report that Bradley was apparently under financial stress and committed the crimes without the knowledge of any other persons, including her husband, who was driving her to Binghamton, NY, for the supposed treatments. Police allege that Bradley asked her husband to remain in the car with their daughter each time they went to the hospital. Bradley faces a May 10 preliminary hearing.

Brian Okeefe Kithcart, 37, Sayre, faces charges for disorderly conduct, obstructing emergency services, obstructing administration of law functions, public drunkenness, and making terroristic threats as a result of an ongoing investigation into events that unfolded just after midnight on Nov. 14, 2010. On that date, Kithcart’s brother, Richard, was struck by a vehicle on Wilawana Road near the Chemung River bridge in Athens Township. Emergency responders asked police officers via radio to “expedite” to the scene of the accident because Brian Kithcart was allegedly making threats against them and getting in the way of their work. Officers from three municipalities arrived within minutes to find Kithcart taking a combative stance with ambulance personnel and threatening the driver the vehicle that had struck his brother. Police pulled Kithcart back from the scene several times but report that he continued to act aggressively and use foul language. Both the police and emergency responders reported that Kithcart had a heavy odor of alcohol on his breath. It was later confirmed that he had been drinking at a party on Wilawana Road. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for May 31.

Carson John Hinds, II, 37, Athens, faces charges for simple assault and harassment after a domestic dispute involving his wife at their home at 11 p.m. on April 29. Officers allege that Hinds caused physical injury to his wife when she indicated that she was leaving the house after a heated verbal argument. In addition to striking her, Hinds allegedly attempted to pull his wife down a flight of stairs and tossed some of her personal items out a second story window as their daughter sought safety at her grandfather’s house nearby. His preliminary hearing is set for May 10.

Zachary J. Williams, 27, Sayre, faces charges for possession of a small amount of marijuana and of drug paraphernalia stemming from his Sayre home at 3:329 a.m. on April 29 to quell a reported disturbance. Williams was bleeding from the ear when he opened the door and had apparently been fighting with a man and a woman at his home. None of the participants wanted to press charges, but police noticed a glass pipe and small amount of marijuana in the living/dining room. Williams allegedly admitted that the items were his and was placed under arrest. He faces a May 31 preliminary hearing.

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