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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Machelle Grier, 31, Sayre, faces charges for theft by unlawful taking after she allegedly failed to turn in cash, checks, and order forms for a fundraiser held in October 2010 by the Snyder Elementary School Parent Teachers Group in Sayre. The school’s head teacher notified police that the school was receiving complaints from people who had ordered products through Grier, who later allegedly admitted that she had used the cash with intentions of replacing it before the ordering deadline. Police reported that Grier held on to the checks because she did not want to turn them in without the cash. Her preliminary hearing is set for June 14.

Amy Louise Craig, 20, Sayre, faces charges of criminal attempt and related penalties for an incident dated April 21. Craig allegedly altered a handwritten prescription for Vicodin, changing the allotment of pills from 12 to 120. A pharmacist noticed that the zero was meticulously placed but written in pencil. She called police after giving Craig only 12 pills. When police interviewed Craig, she first blamed the situation on the children of her cousin, saying that the prescription was left on a table in her cousin’s home for a short time. When the officer expressed doubt that a child could have entered the zero with a slash through it so neatly, Craig then suggested that the altering could have been done by one of the “shady-looking people” at her cousin’s house. When she could not produce any names and insisted that police not involve her cousin, Craig was placed under arrest. She faces a May 27 preliminary hearing.

Debbie Lou Henry, 52, Sayre, faces charges for highest rate DUI and careless driving after police observed her crossing the center line of North Lehigh Avenue in Sayre several times, forcing oncoming motorists to take evasive action. The incident occurred at 11:43 p.m. on April 16. Henry allegedly failed field sobriety tests after being pulled over and was taken to the Guthrie Clinic lab where a blood test yielded a BAC of .17. Henry’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 14.

Convicted sex offender William Glenn Siegmyer, 33, Sayre, faces charges that he violated the terms of his probation by failing to notify proper authorities that he had moved from a residence on N. Higgins Ave., Sayre, in October, as per Megan’s Law. He also failed to appear before State Police or other approved authorities prior to the annual anniversary of his conviction, which was March 9. Siegmyer faces a May 24 preliminary hearing. 

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