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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Stephen J. Shave, Jr., 39, Sayre, faces charges of criminal homicide for allegedly shooting his wife, Tara Shave, with a shotgun on the afternoon of Dec. 15, 2010. According to a lengthy police report, the Shaves had just finished lunch, when Tara suggested that they clean up the house, which included putting away the shotgun with which Stephen had just killed a deer in LeRaysville on Dec. 11. Stephen insisted to both police and the chief of the Litchfield Township Fire Company, who was one of the first emergency responders at the scene, that he did not know that the gun was loaded and that he pulled the trigger to “release the tension” on the bolt as he was putting the gun away in a cabinet in the front room of the house. Police interviewed members of Stephen’s hunting party who could not corroborate the defendant’s account that he had reloaded the gun on Dec. 11 after killing the deer “in case there were more deer around.” Police also found records that indicated that Stephen had threatened to hunt down and shoot his ex-wife and her boyfriend in 2005 and had been on probation for the incident from March 2006 to April 2007. Photographs and additional evidence at the scene were inconsistent with Stephen’s various accounts of the shooting, which led to his arrest. His preliminary hearing is set for May 31.   

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