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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Kevin Douglas Learn, 22, Sayre, faces numerous charges for incidents dated Aug. 13, 2010, May 16 and June 8. Police report that on Aug. 13, they responded to the 300 block of E. Lockhart Street in Sayre based on a tip that there were possible drug sales happening in the vicinity. As they arrived on the scene, the reporting officer noted that he saw a male named James Russo drop a bag of pot on the ground, after allegedly trying to conceal the bag in the grill of a truck. Russo was in the company of another male named John Williams who reportedly admitted after being asked several times that the men had just purchased the pot. Police seized Russo’s cell phone and read text messages between him and Learn that indicated that the two of them had made plans for the transfer of the pot. On May 16, police were delivering a subpoena for charges of manufacturing marijuana with intent to sell and criminal use of a communication device to Learn’s Tioga Street residence. As he approached, the reporting officer observed a “gravity bong” and several pot plants in his window. There were several people in the residence, including a minor, which led to additional related charges against Learn. Police acquired a search warrant for the residence and reportedly found numerous pot-related items, including pipes, a bong and 12 more plants. Police acquired a second search warrant, which they executed at Learn’s residence on June 8, at which time they found a Ruger .357 revolver with an altered serial number. Learn faced a June 14 preliminary hearing.

Heather Gowin, 28, Sayre, faces numerous charges that include burglary, criminal trespass, theft, receiving stolen property and possession of drug paraphernalia. She assisted in breaking into a residence on South Thomas Avenue on Saturday, June 4, and stole coins, gold jewelry and a revolver from the property that value over $2,000. Later, Gowin sold the jewelry and coins. She had chosen the residence based on information she had obtained when working as a home health care aid for the elderly. A preliminary hearing was set for June 14.

Michael E. Comstock, 19, Sayre, is charged with burglary, criminal trespass, theft, receiving stolen property, possession of a controlled substance and possessing a firearm with manufacturer numbers altered. Police obtained a search warrant for Comstock’s residence after receiving information regarding stolen property and drugs being inside the home. Police found 11 bags of suspected heroin and a handgun with the serial numbers ground off that had been hidden behind a drop down ceiling. Comstock admitted to breaking into a residence on South Thomas Avenue in Sayre on June 4. He had stolen coins, gold jewelry and the handgun, which are valued at over $2,000. A preliminary hearing was set for June 14.

Liza J. Johnson, 18, Sayre, faces charges of burglary, theft and receiving stolen property. Several burglaries have occurred in Sayre within the past month and information police had obtained showed that Johnson had been involved with these. Johnson approached an officer while they were conducting a search at one of the residences that had been burglarized. She admitted to committing some of the burglaries in Sayre, as well as other areas in the Valley, and that she did so due to a drug problem. Johnson explained that she had broken into the residence and stole several dollars worth of quarters. The investigation is continuing and a preliminary hearing was set for June 14.

Daniel A. Macbride, 27, Columbia Cross Roads, is facing charges of driving under the influence of alcohol/general impairment with a high level of alcohol and driving on the right side of the roadway. A police officer observed Macbride spinning and squealing his truck tires as he left the Rustic Grotto parking lot and crossed the center divider lines on the roadway. The officer initiated a traffic stop, but when Macbride attempted to pull off to the side of the road he traveled off the berm into the grass and over a utility pole on the ground before he came to a stop in the Athens Stockyard parking lot. Macbride did poorly on the field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest. He was taken to Guthrie where his BAC came back at .15. Macbride’s preliminary hearing has been scheduled for July 12.

Christine A. MacWhinnie, 47, Waverly, faces charges of driving under the influence  (with a high level of alcohol), as well as general impairment, careless driving and driving on the right side of the roadway. On June 5, MacWhinnie was seen crossing the center line heading south on Route 220 and then making an abrupt swerve back into the correct lane. The officer pulled MacWhinnie over and she admitted to consuming alcohol as well as to texting while she was driving, causing her to cross the center line. She proceeded in doing poorly with the field sobriety tests as well as having a positive reading on the preliminary breath test. She was placed under arrest and taken to the Guthrie Clinic lab where her blood alcohol levels came back as .20. Her preliminary hearing has been set for July 18.

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