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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Gregory VanDyke, 31, Sayre, faces charges for attempted simple assault, escape from police officers, and disorderly conduct from an incident dated June 19 at about 2 a.m. Two Sayre police officers on stationary heard multiple people shouting in the area of Lehigh Avenue near the Lehigh Tavern. As the patrolmen came around the corner, they witnessed VanDyke, shirtless, swinging a large metal object that was later identified as a crutch at Ricardo Green, who was lying on the ground in the middle of the street. VanDyke dropped the crutch and began to run as the officers got out of their patrol car, ignoring one of the patrolman’s repeated shouts, “Stop! Police. You’re under arrest.” An officer caught up with the defendant on West Lockhart Street and placed him in custody. Upon interviewing Green, who is black, the reporting officer noted that the victim became upset and started swearing and yelling at him, “This is racist ‘BS.’ You all just hate ‘N-word’ and ‘F’ you all.” Green was charged with disorderly conduct. VanDyke claimed to police that Green had started the fight inside the Lehigh Tavern by punching him in the face. VanDyke noted that the two were led out of the bar, but he did not recall how he got the crutch in his hand, with which VanDyke reportedly admitted to striking Green several times. VanDyke’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 28.

Alexandria Kelley, 20, South Waverly, faces charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, specifically a syringe and metal spoon, and possession of a controlled substance, namely half an Oxycontin pill, on May 16 at about 10:15 p.m. Kelley had driven her friend, Tiffany Lynch (no age or address provided) to the Athens police station for Lynch to submit a written statement to corroborate her claim that an acquaintance stole a number of Xanax pills from her. Prior to their arrival, police had spoken to Lynch’s mother and the probation officer of the person whom Lynch had accused of stealing her Xanax. While Lynch was inside the station, writing, the reporting officer went to the parking lot and interviewed Kelley, who allegedly admitted that she and Lynch had used heroin together the previous night and again that day. Kelley reportedly allowed police to search her vehicle, which led to the discovery of the aforementioned items, leading to Kelley being arraigned for a July 19 preliminary hearing. No charges have been reported yet against Lynch.

Gary Wayne Zomant, 20, Baldknob, AR, faces charges for illegal use of solvents and disorderly conduct after police responded to a call at about 3:20 p.m. on June 19 that Zomant was “huffing” in the parking lot of Sayre’s Dollar General Store on Elmira Street. The female caller was especially concerned because, after witnessing Zomant inhaling the contents of a can of Ultra Duster air duster, he approached her vehicle, in which there was also another friend and two young children. When police approached Zomant, he allegedly admitted to the purchase of three cans of Ultra Duster, two of which he intended to “huff” at a later time. During the course of the investigation, police found that Zomant was operating a vehicle without proper licensing or registration. His preliminary hearing is set for June 28.

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