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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Dustin Joseph Platt, 30, Milan, faces charges for the possession and distribution of heroin, which he allegedly sold to an undercover officer in the parking lot of the Best Western hotel in Sayre on Jan. 27 at noon. The undercover agent, working with the reporting officer, called Platt via cellphone at his place of employment to request the sale of 10 quarter-gram packages of heroin for $190. Platt reportedly took a break from his job to make the sale. He was arraigned on June 22 and faces a July 5 preliminary hearing.

Shane Bennici, 37, Athens, faces numerous charges, including terroristic threats, impersonating a public servant, endangering the welfare of children, and possession of drug paraphernalia, from an event dated June 22 at about 2 p.m. Police responded to a series of calls from Bennici’s wife that indictated that he was “out of control.” Responding officers allegedly found the back door to the residence open and observed Benicci in the kitchen, holding a board and threatening his wife. The defendant reportedly put the board down only after repeated orders by the patrolman. His wife informed police that Benicci has exhibited his violent side on numerous occasions and that he has fled the residence several times because she feared for their safety and his. He had also reportedly broken many of their possessions during previous fits of rage and had threatened via phone to destroy everything in the house if she did not return to the residence on the aforementioned date. Benicci had also phoned her on a previous date and told her that he was the police in a (poorly) disguised voice, a recording of which the victim played for police. When police returned to the residence later that evening to help the victim retrieve personal items and go to a place of safety, she insisted that the officers search the residence, as she feared that he was there and would attack her again. Police found Benicci lying in a bed on the second floor. Nearby, the police reported, there was drug paraphernalia in full view, which Benicci allegedly admitted was his. A subsequent search led to the discovery of paraphernalia and residue associated with pot, bath salts, and a white powdery substance that could have been cocaine or heroin. There were also numerous unidentified pills in the room. Benicci reportedly admitted to having caused physical harm to his wife on several occasions and to being a regular user of Oxycontin and bath salts. His preliminary hearing was set for June 28.

Atiim Pittman, 36, Athens, faces charges of simple and aggravated assault against a girlfriend who was hesitant to cooperate with police or to press charges stemming from an April 4 incident. The victim reluctantly permitted police to take a closer look at multiple injuries that she had sustained from several recent altercations. She insisted instead that she just wanted to gather some of her personal things and go to a safer place. Police did manage to take a few photos of her injuries with a cellphone camera. Pittman faces a July 5 preliminary hearing.

Thomas Warren Walker, 20, Gillett, faces charges for possession of a small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia. Walker was arrested at 2:25 a.m. on June 24 on Ellistown Road in Athens, allegedly after smoking pot with a female companion in his vehicle. With the aid of a flashlight, the reporting officer observed a glass pipe sticking out of a cloth container in the console in the center of the car. The girl was determined to be a minor and released into the custody of her mother, who responded to the scene. Walker’s preliminary hearing is set for July 26.

Michael Carlyle, 26, Gillett, faces charges for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest from an incident dated June 22 at about 1:25 a.m. Police were looking to pick up Carlyle for other unspecified charges when they went to an apartment house where he was reported to be hiding. His brother’s girlfriend answered the door after repeated knocking and said, initially, that he was not there. When police cautioned her that Carlyle was wanted and that she could be arrested for concealing him, she indicated that he was somewhere upstairs and that her boyfriend and children were also upstairs. Carlyle had to be forcibly removed from a bedroom closet and continued to resist arrest, even after being tased several times. He faces a July 26 hearing for the new charges.

Jessica Parker, 24, Towanda, faces charges for retail theft after allegedly stuffing more than $500 worth of merchandise, including a laptop computer, diapers, bras, videos, and swimsuits into an empty shopping bag at about 6:30 p.m. on June 25 and exiting the store through an unmanned checkout aisle. Her preliminary hearing is set for July 5. 

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