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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Charles Eugene Choke, 50, Sayre, faces charges for disorderly conduct and providing a false name to the arresting officer. Responding to a noise complaint in the 100 block of North Higgins Avenue at about 1:50 a.m. on July 5, a Sayre police officer found Choke in his backyard with music playing through an outdoor sound system at a high volume. When the reporting officer shined a flashlight on the defendant and told him he would need to turn down his music, Choke allegedly refused and responded with obscenities. Choke subsequently told the patrolman several times that his name was Joe Fufnik but could not produce identification. The officer had difficulty taking Choke into custody and threatened to tase him if he further resisted arrest. He was taken to the police station, where a second police officer confirmed Choke’s true identity. He now faces a July 12 preliminary hearing.

Sarah Ann Bradley, 35, Sayre, faces additional charges of theft by unlawful taking stemming from the time that she spent as treasurer for two Athens-area youth sports clubs. Police allege that Bradley collected thousands of dollars through the Little Cats Wrestling Club by deceiving the community into believing that she was suffering from cancer. At the same time, she was reportedly in control of the books for the Athens Little League Auxiliary. According to a report filed with the magisterial judge, Bradley kept very few records other than a checkbook, in which she allegedly recorded false transactions, including deposits that she had never made. The Little League group reportedly gave Bradley $943 for uniforms for two Athens all-star teams, which she ordered and picked up but never paid for. At first, Bradley allegedly told police that she had paid for the uniforms, then later called the company that made them and said that she had found the money in another purse but still did not make the payment. The community may never know the full extent to which Bradley might have misused funds, but the Little League organization recorded profits of $8,045 and $8,240 in 2009 and 2010, respectively, after making only $902 in 2008 when Bradley was controlling the money. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for June 28.

John Michael Johnson, 28, Wysox, faces charges for possessing and delivering heroin with intent to sell, as well as for possession of a small amount of pot, on March 1, in addition to charges of possession and delivery of Oxycontin on Jan. 15. An informant helped police set up the latter drug transaction at the Dandy Mini Mart on Elmira Avenue in Sayre via a series of text messages, which led to a charge for the criminal use of a communication facility. Using the code name “stamps,” Johnson allegedly brought two “bundles” of heroin to the convenience store with him, which he intended to sell to the informant for $185 each. When police arrested Johnson, they found 20 additional bundles and the marijuana. On Jan. 15, Johnson allegedly sold Oxycontin pills to an undercover officer at an apartment on North Street in Athens for $440. Johnson faces a July 12 preliminary hearing to answer to all of the charges against him.

Leroy Caskey, 25, and Noe Danielle Crabtree, 20, both of Fort Worth, TX, face charges for retail theft, theft by deception, and criminal conspiracy in conjunction with a series of at least five incidents at the Sayre Walmart from May 6 to 20. The pair was regularly removing items such as trailer hitches and locks from store shelves, taking the unpaid items, just beyond the exit doors of the retail center and returning within a short amount of time to “return” the items for gift cards. Store managers produced surveillance video of Caskey and Crabtree working in tandem to trade the merchandise, valued at $323, for cash. A preliminary hearing for both has been slated for July 12.

Casey Carpenter, 27, Sayre, faces charges for theft and using her mother’s credit card without permission numerous times between May 9 and June 9. Carpenter’s mother manages money for Carpenter’s grandmother and had been keeping a credit card for the account in her purse, which was generally locked in her vehicle, which Carpenter sometimes borrowed. Police reported that Carpenter also developed a habit of “storing” things inside her mother’s purse, which gave her an excuse to get into the purse even when she wasn’t borrowing the car. Police allege that Carpenter withdrew $2,262 from her grandmother’s account via her mother’s credit card in the course of a month. She faced a June 28 preliminary hearing.

Jonathan Ray White, 21, Kenna, WV, faces numerous charges after he was observed “hot dogging” in his vehicle in a busy Sayre shopping plaza parking lot and on Elmira Street. A traffic stop was initiated after the reporting officer witnessed White driving through the lot at high rates of speed, peeling out, and fishtailing. When the police made contact with White, he related that he was employed by a gas drilling company and was staying in one of the company’s living facilities. According to the police report, since White was from out of state, the officer was inclined to search him upon taking him into custody, at which time he found a pipe and a package of synthetic pot, which is prohibited in Athens Township. White’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 12. 

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