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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Mark Sharico Rogers, 32, Roxie, MS, faces charges for two counts of aggravated assault, as well as criminal attempt, after he reportedly stabbed Buck Bates in the 100 block of Desmond Street in Sayre at about 1:30 a.m. on July 17. When police arrived at the Dollar General parking lot, they observed Rogers standing over the victim, who, police reported, got up and crossed Packer Avenue into the 200 block of Desmond Street, where he fell down onto his back. Bystanders were yelling that Bates, who was bleeding heavily from the stomach, had been stabbed. After calling for backup, police followed Rogers, who had been identified by witnesses as the attacker, as he began to walk away from the crime scene. The officer approached Rogers, who was bleeding from his right hand and asked him why he was bleeding, to which he responded that he was not. Although he said that he did not have a weapon on his person, a bloody folded knife was found in his back pants pocket, after which Rogers was handcuffed, although police did not arrest him at that time. Meanwhile, Bates was transported to Robert Packer Hospital, where he underwent surgery for his wounds. One of the surgeons informed the Sayre Police Department that Bates had lost at least a liter of blood, a portion of his intestines had to be removed, and he had a 50 percent chance of survival.

Luis Delvalle, 50; Vickey Barrineau, 52; and Ann Kay Barrineau, 29, all of Towanda, face charges for criminal trespass, criminal mischief, theft by deception, and receiving stolen property in conjunction with the removal and subsequent sale of copper wiring and piping, a furnace core, and other scrap metal from a property at which Delvalle and Vickey Barrineau had once resided. The owner of the home reported the break-in and theft on Feb. 8. He related to police that a sled that he found at the end of the driveway was apparently used to haul the items to the road. At about 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 10, the victim called police after he saw Delvalle and Barrineau drive slowly past the property. After researching Delvalle’s current address, the Athens Township police officer contacted Towanda police and asked Delvalle and Barrineau to contact him, which they did. They also allegedly admitted to the thefts and implicated Ann Kay Barrineau and Theodore Oprea as accomplices. The materials that they removed from the property were redeemed at Sandroni’s Scrap Metal Company in Waverly, NY, for a mere $56. A preliminary hearing for the three aforementioned defendants is slated for July 26. No information has been received about charges against Oprea.

Jonathan Evans, 24, Sayre, faces charges of theft and unauthorized use of a company credit card at various Dandy Mini Marts throughout Bradford County between June 7 and July 11, during which time he allegedly racked up more than $4,800 in charges for gas and other items. Police had already viewed surveillance video provided for them by the store operators that reportedly showed Evans pumping gas and purchasing other items at times associated with the charges. When he was spotted trying to use the stolen credit card again at the Dandy Mini Mart on Elmer Avenue in Sayre, police moved in to arrest Evans, at which time they found on his person a multi-colored pot pipe and several containers of prescription pain medication that did not belong to him. Evans allegedly waived his Miranda Rights and confessed to using the company card to make money by pumping gas for friends at half the price charged to the card. His preliminary hearing was set for July 19.

Shawn Lee Poole, 23, Harrison, AR, faces charges for DUI, public drunkenness, and related driving offenses, after he was found behind the wheel of a vehicle near the intersection of Wolcott Road and Sunnyfield Drive in Athens Township. Police were initially responding to a call for a “vehicle into a tree,” but Poole’s car was only off the road against a small sapling, with the tail end sticking out onto the roadway. Poole reportedly told police that he was lost and attempted to turn around in the intersection when the accident occurred. The reporting officer indicated that he detected the odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle, in which a passenger was sleeping. Poole allegedly admitted to having had a few drinks, consented to field sobriety tests, which he failed, and was transported to Robert Packer Hospital. Blood drawn there indicated that Poole had a BAC of .13. He faces an Aug. 16 preliminary hearing.

James Apollonio, 64, South Waverly, faces charges for indecent exposure and public lewdness after the neighbor with whom he shares backyards called police at 6:40 p.m. on July 9 to report that Apollonio was apparently gardening in the nude. When police arrived at the property, they reportedly found Apollonio in his backyard with his shorts around his knees and his private parts in his hands. When police questioned his actions, Apollonio first replied that he was sunning himself and secondly that he was urinating. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 16.

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