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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Patrick Best, 29, and Alice Fenton, 27, both of Athens, face charges for endangering the welfare of a child, who reported to the nurse’s office at her school on May 19 with lower back and stomach pain and a mild fever. The nurse called Fenton, the child’s mother, to pick up the child, while she was sent back to her classroom to retrieve her belongings. By the time the child got back to the nurse’s office, her color was observed to have worsened and she exhibited “dusky” mucus membranes and skin that was “cool to the touch.” Best, the girl’s father, picked the girl up and was instructed by the school nurse to take the child directly to an emergency room. He instead took the girl home, which was verified by a follow-up call by the school nurse. At the urging of the school nurse, the girl finally arrived at the hospital five hours after she visited the school nurse. She was diagnosed with a kidney infection—a recurring problem—and prescribed antibiotics that the parents did not retrieve from the drug store until May 23, after they had sent the child back to school with a high fever. Children & Youth Services has been involved in the case and spoke with the girl’s doctor who declared the inaction of the parents as “pure stupidity,” noting that the girl would not have gotten sicker had the prescribed medication been started immediately. Best and Fenton face an Aug. 23 preliminary hearing.

Tyler Ervin, 22, Athens, faces charges of disorderly conduct, obstruction of the law and emergency services, criminal mischief, tampering with fire apparatus, failure to obey authorized persons directing traffic, and other charges stemming from an incident dated March 29 at about 9:40 p.m. An unrelated standoff between police and a gunman had necessitated the closure of a section of Route 220 from Greens Landing to Milan. Police allege that Ervin ignored the roadblock, drove down the right shoulder of the roadway, and narrowly avoided injuring a female fire police officer after swearing at her. Ervin reportedly got out of his vehicle and further harassed the female officer, stopping only when a male officer approached the scene. Ervin and his father allegedly returned to the scene a few moments later, approached the same fire police officer, grabbed the flashlight from her hand and accused her of striking his vehicle with it and causing damage. Ervin then reportedly kicked over several flares and drove off with his father. When interviewed by police, Ervin denied the accusations, which were supported by other witnesses. A preliminary hearing has been set for Aug. 23.

Carole Dianne Hobday, 51, Ulster, faces charges for retail theft after she reportedly stole gasoline from a Dandy Mini Mart on Elmira Street in Athens Township on numerous occasions, including on June 8. Surveillance footage and the reporting of the license plate number of the card used for each of the thefts helped lead police to Hobday, who was staying with friends in Milan. She faces an Aug. 2 preliminary hearing.

John Eric Secor, 27, Towanda, and Darren Edward Ryan, 22, Sayre, face charges for possession, delivery and sale of controlled substances as the result of two separate undercover sting operations performed by police. On Dec. 14, 2009, Secor allegedly sold five 80-milligram Oxycontin pills to an undercover officer near the Sayre Kmart. On Feb. 3, 2010, Ryan reportedly sold two 30-milligram morphine tablets to an undercover agent near the intersection of Draper and Hoover Streets in Sayre. Preliminary hearings for both men are scheduled for Aug. 2

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