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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Ryan Hunsinger, 18, Sayre, faces charges for forgery and theft after he allegedly altered information on six checks procured from his grandmother prior to July 26 and wrote them out to himself and accomplices, who were cashing the checks in the area and using the funds to buy drugs. First Citizens Bank shared surveillance video with police to help them make the arrest. Hunsinger reportedly admitted to the crime and faced an Aug. 2 preliminary hearing.

Justin Michael Garrison, 18, Athens, faces charges for burglary, theft, and receiving stolen property after he reportedly stole $4,000 in cold cash from his grandmother. Apparently Garrison was aware that she stored money in her freezer. When confronted by his mother about the missing cash, Garrison allegedly denied involvement until she told him that she had found $2,000 in $100 bills in one of his sneakers. The grandmother phoned police on July 22, and Garrison reportedly met with the reporting officer, waived his Miranda rights and confessed to the crime. The young man told police that he spent the missing $2,000 on gas, clothing, and women, noting to the officer, “$2,000 doesn’t go very far.” Garrison’s preliminary hearing was set for July 27.

Brandon Roberts, 26, Sayre, faces charges of criminal conspiracy, possession of a controlled substance, and related offenses from an incident dated July 12 at about 9:45 p.m., when police initiated a traffic stop near the Banana Curve Dandy Mini Mart in Sayre. Roberts was implicated with two other young adults from the area—Kevin Charles Shipman and Alesha Nichole Wilkinson—after the three went to Binghamton to purchase 80 bindles of heroin, eight of which they used in New York state and on the way back to Sayre. All three reportedly cooperated with authorities in Sayre and Athens, including Roberts, who told the reporting officer that he “would like to apologize for all the people he put in danger by driving while he was high.” Roberts faced an Aug. 2 preliminary hearing.

Joshua Morse, 21, Sayre, faces charges of endangering the welfare of children for accidentally shooting his girlfriend’s 5-year-old son in the hand with a pellet gun. Accounts of the incident by the defendant, the victim, and his mother were consistent. Morse’s preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 30, and he is not permitted to have any weapons in the proximity of the boy.

Becky Jo Decker, 52, Milan, faces charges for criminal trespass and obstruction of law and government functions for allegedly disrupting police response to a domestic dispute on Wilawana Road in Athens Township on July 11 at about 6:05 p.m. The reporting officer had just taken a man into custody on domestic assault charges and was speaking with the victim about filing a protection from abuse order when Decker—the defendant’s aunt—reportedly arrived on the scene and began yelling at the homeowner and several police officers in attendance. She was advised by both the homeowner and the police to leave the property, but she did not. When Decker approached the patrol car in an attempt to communicate with her nephew inside, the patrolman gave her one more chance to leave the scene, but she continued her “excited and irrational” behavior. Decker’s preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 30.

Craig Daniel Miller, 27, Milan, faces charges for simple assault and physical harassment after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend in her Twin Rivers Terrace apartment in Athens after a night of drinking in Sayre. The victim had walked home from Sayre by herself and was locked out of her apartment and then her own bedroom. She found Miller asleep inside and reported to police that he struck her from behind just after she had managed to get her bedroom door unlocked. Miller reportedly wrapped his legs tightly around his girlfriend’s neck area, which prevented her from breathing, so she pinched him in the area behind his knee as hard as she could until he released the choke-hold. She attempted to flee down the stairs and either fell or was pushed. The reporting officer checked the back of Miller’s knee, saw a “red, puffy, scratch mark” and placed him under arrest. He reportedly waived his Miranda rights, admitted to wrapping his legs around the woman but said that it was to restrict her movement, not her breathing. A preliminary hearing has been set for Aug. 9.

Michael James Platt, 22, Milan, faces charges for high rate DUI and related driving offenses. At about 9 p.m. on April 29, Platt was pulled over by police near the intersection of Routes 220 and 199 in Athens Township. After observing Platt’s alleged erratic driving in the area of Wolcott Hollow Road, the reporting officer turned on the emergency lights of his vehicle and initiated the traffic stop. Immediately after he stopped the pick-up truck he was driving, Platt reportedly got out of his vehicle and exhibited signs of inebriation. When asked for his identification, Platt reportedly stumbled with his wallet, dropping some high currency bills to the ground. Based on his general appearance and his alleged admission to consuming alcoholic beverages, Platt was placed under arrest and taken to Robert Packer Hospital, where a blood test was conducted that indicated a BAC of .21. A preliminary hearing has been set for Aug. 23.

Gerard Rounds, 50, Sayre, faces charges for highest rate DUI and restrictions on alcoholic beverages after he reportedly paid a visit to his former place of employment—Crescent Energy—at about 10 p.m. on July 11. A night manager from the company, through which police were already familiar with Rounds, informed police of Rounds’ alleged trespass. One Sayre patrolman reported to Crescent, while the reporting officer went to Rounds’ Franklin Street home, where the defendant was just pulling into the driveway. Rounds admitted to having been at Crescent, but said that he was told that he could use the dumpster there after hours. The officer suspected that Rounds had been drinking, which he reportedly admitted to. In the process of searching for his identification, the patrolman noted that he moved an open bottle of spiced rum out of his way. Rounds performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken to Guthrie Clinic Lab for a blood test, which indicated a BAC of .22. He faces an Aug. 30 preliminary hearing.

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