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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Robert Hall, 25, Ulster, faces charges for disorderly conduct, reckless driving, and recklessly endangering another person for an incident dated Aug. 2 at about 5:50 p.m. An Athens police officer was summoned to Route 220 at Pine Street in Athens Township after Hall allegedly left the scene of an accident in which he was involved. The patrolman indicated that a woman involved in the accident who related that she and a female passenger were on their way to work when Hall pulled alongside her, swerved several times in her direction, and then pulled in front of her and stopped his vehicle, forcing the victim and her mother behind her to stop quickly. The woman indicated that Hall, who was known to her, was angry that she was giving the co-worker a ride to work. Hall reportedly repeated his actions, this time leaving no recourse but for the woman to run into his vehicle. Witnesses told police that Hall initially got out of his vehicle, but then got back in and drove away even though others at the scene were telling him that he needed to stay. As he drove away, Hall reportedly sent the woman who hit him a text that said “Let’s Play.” Hall’s preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 4.

Andrew Vanderpool, 18, and Liza Jane Johnson, 18, Sayre, face charges of burglary and criminal trespass for their alleged collaboration in a series of thefts of employees’ desks at Robert Packer Hospital (RPH)/Guthrie Clinic Aug. 19 and 21. Among the items removed from desks were two digital cameras, cash, a doctor’s master key, a checkbook, and an employee identification badge with a magnetic strip. Johnson reportedly used the latter to gain unlawful entrance to the hospital on at least two occasions with as many as two additional unauthorized people, including a juvenile, whose names have not yet been released. Matching the time of the entrances with surveillance footage, RPH security was able to produce video of the breaches that allegedly confirmed Johnson as one of the perpetrators. Two of the codefendants were also observed via surveillance video cashing some of the stolen checks at the Guthrie Federal Credit Union. Vanderpool and Johnson were scheduled to face Judge Michael Shaw at a preliminary hearing on Sept. 6.  No charges have been announced yet for the remaining two accomplices.

Marc D. Eberlin, 25, Athens, faces charges for unauthorized use of an automobile and for disorderly conduct, namely leaving the vehicle’s owner stranded in Athens Township in the area of Tanner’s Bar on Route 199 at about 2 a.m. on Aug. 29. Danny Jones reported to police that his van had been stolen by Eberlin, who was known to him. When police interviewed Eberlin near his apartment on North Lehigh Ave., Eberlin reportedly admitted to taking Jones’ van after drinking at Tanner’s because a friend of his had apparently taken Eberlin’s grandfather’s truck, which they had arrived in at Tanner’s together. Eberlin faces a Oct. 4 preliminary hearing.

John Kraus, 45, Sayre, faces charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest from an incident that started with his allegedly harassing employees of Chaconas Restaurant on North Keystone Avenue in Sayre at about 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 4. Kraus was on a bicycle when police caught up with him on West Lockhart Street. The officer called out to him, but he rode just ahead of the cruiser in the middle of Lockhart, Hopkins, and Layton street, which prevented the patrolman from pulling alongside him. When the officer did manage to pull up next to Kraus on North Keystone Street, Kraus allegedly rode his bike into the side of the patrol car, reached through the driver’s side window and punched the policeman in the head. The officer who was driving used his taser on Kraus, who continued trying to swing at him. The other patrolman in the cruiser deployed his taser as well, which forced Kraus back away from the vehicle. The officers had a difficult time getting Kraus, who seemed unaffected by the standard taser mode, to the ground so that he could be handcuffed. Both patrolmen had to switch their tasers to “drive stun” mode to subdue the man, who faces a Sept. 13 preliminary hearing.

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