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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Michael Lopez, 34, Barton, NY, and Justin Dallas Reese, 19, Lockwood, NY, faces charges for their part in an ethnically-charged intimidation spree detailed in last week’s Rocket-Courier. In addition to previously listed charges, the two men face charges for disorderly conduct and engaging in a fight at about 2 p.m. on Sept. 3, when they entered Horn’s True-Value store on North Keystone Avenue in Sayre and engaged in “threatening and tumultuous behavior that alarmed store staff and customers,” as well as waving a machete out the window of Reese’s car and shouting anti-racial remarks as they drove through the parking lot. Both men face charges incurred in Sayre and Athens at an Oct. 11 preliminary hearing.

Charles “Chico” Zimmer, III, 42, Waverly, faces charges of theft and receiving stolen property for his part in the theft of copper wire from a secured yard at the Penelec Electric Company on Spring Street in Sayre on June 27. This investigation has been ongoing, and other suspects include Tyler Gable, Ryan Johnston, and Timmy Zimmer, Charles’ brother. According to police, one of the men has been cooperating with them and indicated that the players had varying roles in the crime. Apparently, Gable and Zimmer cut their way through several chain link fences on the Penelec property and rolled a large spool of new copper wiring off the property and across an adjacent railroad bridge until they could get back to it. A few days later, the wire was unspooled by the four aforementioned men and placed in the back of Charles Zimmer’s truck. The wire was stripped and cut into smaller pieces and taken to Shulman’s scarp yard in Elmira, where Zimmer’s truck was recorded via video surveillance. The amounts listed within the report are inconsistent, but they apparently realized between $382 and $600 total for their efforts. Additional arrests are pending. Charles Zimmer faces a Sept. 23 preliminary hearing.

Geraldelaine Dougherty, 51, Sayre, faces charges for disorderly conduct for an incident dated Sept. 3 at about 2:20 a.m. Dougherty is accused of causing a disturbance in the emergency room of Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre where she was apparently a patient. Dougherty was using profanity to complain about the way she was being treated by staff there, where she had been shut in a room pending arrival of police, who signed her out and took her home. Dougherty’s preliminary hearing has been set for Oct. 11.

Richard Irving Rinebold, 71, Sayre, faces charges for simple assault and harassment after he allegedly hit Justin McGrath across the back several times with his cane after the two were involved in an altercation in their adjoining backyards on Hoover Street at about 4:50 a.m. on Aug. 27. Rinebold accused McGrath, whom police indicated was highly intoxicated, of shining bright lights into Rinebold’s house and tripping motion detecting lights, which was keeping Rinebold awake. The two men shouted at each other at the fenceline before Rinebold struck McGrath with his cane, which he allegedly admitted to police. When asked how many times he had hit McGrath, Rinebold reportedly said, “as many times as I could.” Police observed and photographed corresponding welts on McGrath’s back. McGrath insisted on pressing charges, but police told him that they would also press charges against him for shining the lights into Rinebold’s house to begin with. Rinebold’s preliminary hearing has been set for Oct. 11.    

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