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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Nicole Shrimp, 31, Athens, faces charges for attempted simple assault and physical harassment stemming from an incident dated Oct. 4 at about 1:35 a.m. According to Athens police, Shrimp threw one of her shoes at Anita Busick because Busick would not help her blow up an air mattress and also called her a derogatory name. The situation was termed “domestic” by the reporting officer, who noted that Busick’s ear was purple from the impact of the shoe. A preliminary hearing has been set for Oct. 11.

Dylan John Beers, 18, Athens, faces charges for defiant trespass actual communication for entering a property on Ann Street in Athens at 7 p.m. on Oct. 1 after being advised in person by his mother, Christine Beers, that he was not permitted to be there. Beers reported the incident to police that her son gained entry to the home while she was away for the day, despite her concerted efforts to secure the property before they left. Christine had told Dylan on Sept. 29 that he was not allowed in the home. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Nov. 1.

Matthew Paul Matushin, 28, Sayre, faces charges for retail theft after he allegedly took two flat screen television sets valued at $298 each, as well as numerous articles of clothing, from the Walmart store in Sayre without paying for them. Police identified Mathusin from surveillance video provided by the store. He faces an Oct. 11 preliminary hearing.

Charles Donald Bacon, Jr., 28, Sayre, faces charges for simple assault, harassment, and endangering the welfare of children. According to Sayre police, Bacon physically assaulted his girlfriend, Brittany Szollosy, with whom he shares a child, at about 2:50 a.m. on Sept. 25 at their Desmond Street, Sayre, apartment. The initial altercation occurred in an alley near their home, where Bacon allegedly pushed Szollosy to the ground and kicked and beat her about the face, causing several lacerations and abrasions. After police met with Szollosy and provided information as to how she could secure a protection from abuse (PFA) order against Bacon, he reportedly returned to the apartment and threw a large child’s toy in the direction of Szollosy and their daughter, striking the mother but not the daughter. Bacon’s preliminary hearing was set for Oct. 4.

Heather Shaffer, 25, Waverly, NY, faces charges for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia, as well as for public intoxication and falsely identifying herself to law enforcement officials. At about 4:50 a.m. on Sept. 30, Sayre police were alerted by a passerby of a woman who was apparently hiding on the front porch of the Bri Marie Bed and Breakfast on Elmer Avenue in Sayre with a can of hairspray in one hand and a cigarette lighter in the other. When they encountered Shaffer, police were fairly certain that she was under the influence of drugs. The police attempted to help the woman, who initially identified herself as “Ginger,” find a place to stay for the night. She had the police drive her past what was supposedly her sister’s house, whom she said was not home, then she had them drive her to the home of a “friend” named Ralph, who told police that he did not know her well enough to take her in. Shaffer finally gave into being arrested because she said that she had no place else to go but jail. During the course of investigating her belongings, police discovered a hypodermic needle and bath salts that Shaffer reportedly admitted to having used earlier in the evening. She was scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Oct. 4.

Rodney Bruce Jones, 24, Binghamton, NY, Ashly Hamilton, 19, Elmira, NY, and Ronnie “Razor” Bridgewater, 22, address unknown, face charges for delivery and intent to sell crack cocaine. Sayre police were notified of a possible drug deal in progress in the 100 block of Tioga Street. They encountered the described vehicle, in which Ashly was seated while the two men stood alongside it. On their possession, police found pocket knives, cash, and numerous bags of crack that had been separated for sale. All totaled, police recovered 4.9 grams of crack and more than $4,100 from the trio, each of whom faces an Oct. 11 preliminary hearing.

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