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Daniel Charles Mungeer, 31, Milan, and Lee Stearns, 42, Waverly, NY, face charges related to an incident dated Sept. 25 at about 10:45 p.m. Athens Township police report that an officer responded to a call from a southbound driver on Route 220 who indicated that the driver directly in front of the complainant might be intoxicated. The responding patrolman caught up with both vehicles and made his way between them, observing that the vehicle that had been reported was swerving in and out of the intended lane of travel. Upon stopping the driver, who allegedly told the officer that he was on his way home from work but also conceded to having consumed alcohol, the patrolman also noticed that there was a box of beer sitting in the back seat. Mungeer exited the vehicle at the officer’s request, at which time the patrolman noticed that there were shards of glass on the man’s shirt and pants. Mungeer apparently brushed off questions about the glass and was detained by a state police officer who had arrived on the scene. The reporting officer then made contact with Stearns, the passenger, who was also covered with glass and had blood on his hands, face, and clothing. The side mirror of the vehicle was broken off. Stearns reportedly told the officer that he had been involved in a fight with his girlfriend and that she had caused the injuries that were observed. Police secured treatment for Stearns’ injuries and returned to Mungeer, who had been placed in the back of a patrol car. He was advised that he was under arrest for DUI and transported to the Guthrie Clinic in Sayre for a blood test, which indicated that Mungeer’s BAC was .190. During the course of the investigation, Stearns, who allegedly referred to the police several times as “gun slingers,” later told police that, earlier in the evening, Mungeer had entered Route 17 in New York State headed in the wrong direction and had hit some sort of road sign on the passenger side, which caused the damage to the mirror and provided an explanation for the injuries, glass, and blood. While securing Mungeer’s vehicle to be towed from the scene, police reportedly found a small cloth pouch that contained a glass smoking pipe with burnt pot residue, which was attributed to Stearns as per his admission to police as he was being driven home that he had been smoking pot for 30 years. Stearns and Mungeer face preliminary hearings on Nov. 15 and 22, respectively.

Dion David Derrig, 49, Sayre, was arraigned on Oct. 25 for numerous charges involving two different sets of circumstances. Derrig was charged for deceptive business practices and theft by unlawful taking for allegedly taking $3,250 from William and Ralynne Stephenson of Sayre between May and July for contract work that he did not perform or complete. Derrig was also charged with retail theft and receiving stolen property after he reportedly stole a personal computer valued at $898 from the Walmart store in Athens Township on Sept. 20. His preliminary hearing is set for Nov. 1.

Kandy French, 42, Athens, faces charges of neglect of a care-dependent person after associates of Futures adult care services on Route 220 took David Agnew to the Robert Packer Hospital on July 1 for treatment of scabies and other ailments. Agnew had allegedly been under the care of Kandy French’s Personal Care on Main Street in Athens and was found to have scabies on his back and arms, an open, oozing sore on his lower back, and severely bleeding feet and toes as a result of his toenails not being groomed for some time. French faces a Nov. 29 preliminary hearing.

Nova Jo Wright, 25, Wysox, faces charges of possession of drug paraphernalia as a follow-up to an incident reported in last week’s Rocket-Courier about Christopher David McNeal of Waverly, NY. During the course of the investigation and arrest of McNeal, police asked Wright, who was a passenger in the pickup truck, to exit the vehicle to speak with them. At that time, the patrolman observed a container of bath salts on the floor that contained several wet cotton balls. When police obtained permission from Wright to search her purse, additional bath salts containers and a vial of blue liquid were discovered, and Wright allegedly admitted to being a user. Her preliminary hearing is set for Nov. 29.

Matthew Paul Matushin, 28, Sayre, faces additional retail theft charges related to a Sept. 20 incident involving the Walmart store in Sayre. In addition to items reported stolen by Matushin in the Oct. 6 Rocket-Courier, he was charged with criminal trespass and the theft of another large flat-screen television set. A new preliminary hearing date has been set for Nov. 29.

Nicholas William Decker, 18, Gillett, faces charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and for harassment, stemming from an incident dated Sept. 2 at about 9 p.m. Athens police were responding to a call made by Athens Area High School principal Beth Schulze that Decker, a student at the school, was walking around the football stadium during a game and appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. Police arrived to observe Decker near the north entrance gate of the stadium, where he had allegedly grabbed a female student by the arms and was shouting obscenities at her. Decker also reportedly yelled obscenities at police as they approached him and tried to attempt to subdue him. The reporting officer indicated that Decker was sweating profusely and had bloodshot eyes. He apparently began to cooperate with police and surrendered a silver metal pipe used to smoke pot. According to the officer, Decker again became combative during a pat-down search and was found to have synthetic marijuana on his person after he was placed in handcuffs. A preliminary hearing has been set for Nov. 29.

Jaimie Carl, 25, Athens, faces charges for high rate DUI and careless driving for her involvement in a two-vehicle accident that occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 22. Sayre police allege that Carl struck a pickup truck that was parked on Desmond Street. Carl reportedly told police that she had too much to drink earlier in the evening and had slept a few hours in her Jeep before she felt that she was OK to drive. She told police that she was texting her boyfriend when she hit the parked truck. Police note that Carl performed poorly on field sobriety tests, and a subsequent blood test conducted at the Guthrie Clinic revealed a BAC of .110. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Dec. 6.

Eric James Waters, 19, faces charges for DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia when police caught up with him along West Pine Street in Athens at about 5:35 a.m. on June 7, after his car became inoperable. Police suspected that Waters and an unnamed male passenger were under the influence of a controlled substance, and Waters allegedly conceded to smoking pot prior to operating the vehicle. Marijuana and a smoking pipe with burnt residue were reportedly found on his person. Waters was subsequently transported to Towanda Memorial Hospital, where blood was drawn to test for the presence of illegal drugs. He now faces a Nov. 29 preliminary hearing date.

Tina Luckman, 40, Ulster, faces charges for highest-rate DUI and driving without proper vehicle registration for an incident dated Oct. 15 at about 1 a.m. Sayre police reported that Luckman’s vehicle caught their attention because she and her boyfriend were screaming at each other, and the vehicle was shaking violently as Luckman backed out of a parking space in the 100 block of Desmond Street. Police initially thought that someone might be in the truck, but that was apparently not the case. Police noted that the vehicle’s registration was expired and discovered a citation in the vehicle indicating that she had already been stopped and ticketed for the violation. Luckman was observed to have a strong odor of alcohol, failed field sobriety tests, and was transported to the Guthrie Clinic, where a blood test indicated that her BAC was .160. She now faces a Dec. 6 preliminary hearing.

Diane Moshier, 54, Athens, faces charges for highest-rate DUI, general impairment, and careless driving after she was observed hitting a curb on the east side of Main Street in Athens at about 2:05 a.m. on Sept. 24. Police reported that Moshier managed to regain control of her vehicle and continued south on Main Street, where she struck another curb. Moshier allegedly requested leniency from the officer, noting that she had driven home drunk many times before. She reportedly had trouble getting out of her vehicle, failed field sobriety tests, and had a BAC of .260, as per a subsequent blood test conducted at the Guthrie Clinic. Moshier faces a Dec. 6 preliminary hearing. 

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