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Michael Shaw, Sayre


David James Smith, 42, Sayre, faces charges of simple assault, reckless endangerment, and harassment, stemming from an incident dated Dec. 4 at about 4:30 p.m. Smith’s wife, Sherrie, reportedly told police that her husband suddenly placed her in a headlock while she was driving the two of them to a grocery store. She managed to stop the vehicle before he allegedly placed her in a headlock again and called her obscene names. His preliminary hearing is set for Dec. 13.

Eric “Rico” Derrig, 29, Athens/Sayre, faces charges for two accounts of retail theft and receiving stolen property. A pair of criminal reports issued by the Athens Police Department indicates that Derrig was responsible for the theft of cigarettes valued at $22.64 from the Dandy Mini Mart in Wilawana on Sept. 22 and computer system valued at $898 from the Walmart in Sayre on Sept. 23. Video surveillance footage and a manager’s account were used to determine Derrig’s involvement in the mini mart crime, and video surveillance from Walmart was reviewed to prove Derrig’s alleged involvement in the removal of a computer through a loading area at the east side of the store on Sept. 23. Police note that Derrig’s brother, Dion, was a partner in the computer theft, but no report has yet been issued to further confirm that. Eric Derrig was scheduled to answer to the charges for both robberies at a Dec. 6 preliminary hearing. There was no explanation for the two addresses provided for the defendant. 

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