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Michael Shaw, Sayre


Justin Lee Gowan, 23, Athens, faces charges for fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, improper display of the license plate on his motorcycle, not being properly licensed to ride a motorcycle, exceeding maximum speed limits, failing to yield at numerous stop signs, and reckless driving, stemming from events dated Sept. 12. A Sayre borough police officer reported that Gowan was first observed standing in a Dandy Mini Mart parking lot on Elmer Avenue next to a black and yellow sport motorcycle, which did not appear to have a license plate. He and his partner turned the cruiser around for a closer look. Though the bike did have a plate, it was hidden in front of the rear tire and was nearly impossible to read, as it was mud covered. Gowan was on the bike at that point and, when the officers turned on their emergency lights to initiate a stop, they claim that he took off toward Athens at a high rate of speed, but not before looking over his left shoulder and displaying his middle finger toward them. The patrolmen initiated a chase and indicated that Gowan was traveling in excess of 70 mph on Elmer Avenue, which is a 25 mph zone. According to police, Gowan turned onto Wells Avenue and then Pine Street before heading down Pennsylvania Avenue and Longway and Fourth Streets. The Sayre officers had radioed ahead to Athens police, who had positioned one of their cruisers with lights and siren on at the intersection of Fourth and Spruce Streets. Gowan reportedly decelerated quickly as he reached the roadblock and drove behind the police car and down Short Street. Police were in pursuit at 80 mph, and Gowan was apparently still outrunning them. The chase was called off for the safety of all involved. Police reviewed video footage from the Dandy Mini Mart that showed Gowan carrying his helmet and making a purchase. Further investigation determined that Gowan did not have a Class M license to operate the bike on public roadways. His preliminary hearing is slated for Dec. 27.

Eric Paul Vanalstine, 21, Waverly, NY, faces charges of DUI and causing damage to a parked vehicle before leaving the scene without contacting the owner or authorities. Two by-standers who reportedly saw Vanalstine back into a car parked on the east side of Desmond Street and described the defendant’s light green and silver-colored Jeep to them. The suspect vehicle was located a short time later at a Dandy Mini Mart on Spring Street in Sayre, but Vanalstine was initially not with the Jeep. He was apparently stopped after he returned to the vehicle and attempted to pull out of the parking lot onto Spring Street. Although the Jeep bore the fresh damage caused by the accident, Vanalstine denied having hit another vehicle and allegedly told police that the damage they were looking at was old. Police determined that Vanalstine was intoxicated after he failed field sobriety tests. Subsequent breath and blood tests indicated BACs of .162 and .140, respectively. His preliminary hearing is set for Jan. 17.

Christina Hudson, 20, Athens, faces charges of statutory sexual assault and corruption of minors after allegedly engaging in sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old boy this past summer at her Twin Rivers Terrace apartment in Athens. Apparently, this only happened one time on a night when the two had met. The teen had told his parents that he was staying at a friend’s house, but spent the night with Hudson instead. The boy’s parents were uncomfortable with the bond the two seemed to have formed and told Hudson the next day that they did not want her dating their son, which apparently led to an immediate end to both the sexual involvement and communication between the two. The parents were reportedly unaware that the woman and the teenager had already had sex when they confronted Hudson, who eventually confided in a friend, who notified police, who initiated the investigation. Hudson’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 27.

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