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Tim Clark, Towanda

Robert Varricchio, of Towanda, faces prosecution for burglary, harassment and criminal mischief for alleged offenses on July 21 at 8:10 p.m. in Ulster. It was reported that Varricchio broke into Margaret Harris's residence and shouted profanities at her. Varricchio was arraigned on July 22. He was released on non-monetary bail and his preliminary hearing date was July 28.

Stacy L. Brown, of Rome, faces prosecution for two counts of theft by deception that allegedly occurred on July 21 in South Towanda. The alleged offenses occurred when Brown wrote two checks at a Dandy Mini Mart and received merchandise. The checks were reportedly written on a closed account. Brown's preliminary hearing date is Aug. 25.

Lola F. Taylor, of Granville Summit, faces prosecution for bad checks issued on April 28. The defendant allegedly wrote a bad check to an individual in Troy. Taylor's preliminary hearing date is Aug. 25.

Letitia Frye-Irish, of Towanda, faces prosecution for DUI and related charges for offenses on July 9 at 8:24 p.m. in Towanda. The defendant's BAC was reported at.16. Her preliminary hearing date is Sept. 1.

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