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Tim Clark, Towanda

Tim Clark, Towanda

John Christopher Craig, 40, Tarrant, TX, faces prosecution for simple assault, harassment and disorderly conduct for an incident at Captain Jack's Bar, Towanda, on March 6. It is alleged that Craig started a physical altercation with the venue's bouncer after arguing with other customers and the bouncer. A second patron (not listed in the report) is alleged to have assisted Craig in pushing the bouncer over a table and onto the floor. Craig and several other people known to him fled the scene prior to the arrival of police. A preliminary hearing date of April 20 has been set.

Tina Louise Lane, Towanda, 45, faces prosecution for criminal conspiracy. The alleged offenses involved the manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance on Aug. 20 and Nov. 12, 2010. The incident involves an ongoing investigation and delivery of controlled substances on the aforementioned dates to a confidential informant at a mini mart in Ulster. A preliminary hearing date has been set for March 30.

Todd Ellis Spencer, 50, Towanda RR 4, faces prosecution for simple assault, allegedly having caused bodily injury to two women (related to each other) at his residence on Jan. 27. It is alleged that Spencer became angry and verbally abusive of the victims after the consumption of alcohol. The victims sought shelter in an adjacent room, the door to which was allegedly broken down by Spencer to gain access and strike both women. His preliminary hearing date was March 23.

Travis Clyde Belcher, 18, Monroeton, faces prosecution for burglary, stemming from charges that he allegedly entered the home of a Monroeton resident shortly before midnight on March 13 while the resident was out. It is alleged that Belcher entered through a window after failing to break through a door to the apartment. Belcher initially denied involvement but, after he was presented with his jacket and hat that were found at the scene, allegedly admitted to entering the home with assistance from a juvenile co-conspirator in search of prescription medications. Belcher was advised of his Miranda Rights and released on $20,000 bail. A preliminary hearing was set for March 23.

Christopher Sherrod Martin, 24, Athens, faces prosecution for DUI in association with a motor vehicle accident in North Towanda on Feb. 27. A police officer who arrived at the scene after the arrival of fire and medical units interviewed Martin, who was identified as the driver of a vehicle that had landed in a ditch. During the course of his conversation with Martin, the trooper noted that he could smell alcohol on the driver's breath and that he appeared to be intoxicated. Martin admitted to having consumed alcohol and submitted to several field sobriety tests, which he failed. Martin was arrested and transported to Towanda Memorial Hospital for a blood test, which indicated a BAC of .187. His preliminary hearing will be on April 14.

Refugio Palomo Mendoza, 39, Fort Worth, TX, faces prosecution for driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance and additional traffic violations. The charges stem from an incident that occurred on March 5. A state trooper responding to a call about a one-vehicle accident on SR 1041, Sheshequin Twp., found Mendoza sleeping in the driver's seat of a pickup truck that had come to rest over a steep embankment. The officer alleges that, upon awakening Mendoza, the driver seemed confused and smelled strongly of alcohol. Although he did not respond to all of the trooper's questions, Mendoza did concede to having consumed alcohol prior to driving. Upon failing field sobriety tests, he was placed under arrest and transported to Towanda Memorial Hospital, where a blood test revealed a BAC of .281. A preliminary hearing has been set for April 20.

Charles Dale Bertrand, 57, Lancaster, TX, faces prosecution for DUI and additional traffic violations, including operating a vehicle without proper insurance, stemming from an incident that occurred on March 13 at 12:30 a.m. A state trooper observed the operator of a pickup truck driving erratically in the westbound lane of Route 6 in North Towanda. After witnessing the vehicle cross the white line and nearly make contact with the guardrail, the trooper turned around to follow the truck, which was swerving in and out of its intended lane. After getting Bertrand to pull over, the trooper noted that he could smell alcohol, to which Bertrand responded that he consumed two beers at a nearby restaurant. He submitted to and failed field sobriety tests, and was transported to Memorial Hospital where his BAC was .175. A preliminary hearing date of April 20 has been set.

Jeremy Karl Taylor Adkins, 32, Lindsay, OK, faces prosecution for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or solvent noxious substances, in addition to careless driving. The charges stem from an incident that occurred on Feb. 15 in the area of the Ulster Bridge. A state trooper responded to a call about a suspicious person who had been seen running through snow in bare feet and who had asked a nearby resident if he could use her phone because he was being chased by "shadow people." State police allege that Adkins traveled on foot to the scene after leaving a vehicle registered to his employer at a friend's home on Sheshequin Road, north of the bridge. Upon observing a metallic residue in and around Bertrand's mouth and nostrils, the trooper became suspicious that Bertrand had inhaled "bath salts," a combination of chemicals that rendered Bertrand incapable of driving. He was transported to Towanda Memorial Hospital where he consented to a chemical (blood) test, which indicated that Bertrand had consumed a cocktail of at least four substances determined to be above legal medical and legal limits. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 27.

Dale R. Schrader, 58, Burlington, faces prosecution for DUI, reckless driving and possession of an open alcohol container in his vehicle. Towanda police allege that Schrader was found with a passenger in one of two vehicles involved in a crash in front of the Bradford County Courthouse on March 10. The air bags had deployed in the defendant's vehicle and all four doors were locked, trapping both Schrader and the passenger. One of two officers on the scene broke through a rear window of the vehicle to secure the release of the inhabitants. As Schrader was removed from the vehicle, an officer allegedly observed an odor of alcohol. When the officer questioned Schrader and asked him to submit to field sobriety tests, the defendant allegedly refused and was arrested and transported to Towanda Memorial Hospital. A subsequent blood test revealed a BAC of .207. His preliminary hearing is slated for April 27. The second vehicle involved in the accident was unoccupied and legally parked.

Janelle Stephani Mitros, 27, Towanda, faces prosecution for DUI and additional traffic offenses for an incident that occurred on March 10 at 1:15 a.m. A police officer reported that he witnessed the defendant crossing the road into the oncoming lane of traffic several times before Mitros allegedly narrowly missed hitting a parked car while turning off the Merrill Parkway. The officer alleges that Mitros admitted to consuming alcohol prior to driving and was transported to Towanda Memorial Hospital where a blood test indicated a BAC of .255. Her preliminary hearing is set for April 27.

Jack L. Frye, 56, Towanda, faces prosecution for DUI and additional traffic violations. A police officer alleged that on March 10 at 7:05 p.m., the defendant was driving recklessly on the Merrill Parkway and adjacent streets. Upon detecting a strong odor of alcohol, the officer took Frye to the police station, where the defendant conceded to a PBT test. Frye also agreed to a blood test, which was conducted at Towanda Memorial Hospital and yielded a BAC of .278. He faces an April 27 preliminary hearing.

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