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Tim Clark, Towanda


Martin William Miller, 40, Ulster RR2, faces charges for simple assault and harassment for allegedly hitting a female over the head with a coffee cup in Ulster Township at about 7:45 p.m. on Feb. 9. Police allege that Miller fled the scene before they arrived at the residence, where the victim was found bleeding from the head. The patrolman requested a summons for Miller’s arrest, and his preliminary hearing has been set for June 1.

Garrett David Morgan, 20, Milan, faces charges for corruption of a minor and numerous sexual offenses involving a girl less than 16-years-old. Police allege that Morgan used heroin, cocaine, and marijuana with the girl and engaged in sexual activities with her many times with her between May 2009 and June 2010. The April 13 report was a follow-up to earlier charges based on new information that indicated that sexual misconduct occurred many more times than previously thought. The alleged liaisons happened at various locations including both the defendant’s and victim’s homes. In addition to confessions by the victim, video evidence of the two engaged in sexual intercourse was discovered and logged as evidence. Morgan was arraigned on $75,000 bail and faced an April 20 preliminary hearing.

Robert Thomas Ford, Jr., 26, Towanda, faces charges for allegedly falsifying information to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon on April 12. Bradford County Sheriff Clinton Walters initiated a standard background check with the suspicion that Ford had spent time in the Bradford County Correctional Facility after being sentenced in 2006 for numerous charges that included resisting arrest, simple assault, and possession of drugs and paraphernalia, all of which Ford allegedly ignored by checking “NO” to related questions on the permit application. His preliminary hearing is set for May 18.

Scott Douglas Hudson, 44, Towanda, faces charges of intent to deliver Oxycodone and for criminal use of a communication facility, stemming from an incident that occurred on Dec. 20. On that date, a police officer worked with an undercover confidential informant who allegedly arranged to meet Hudson at his home, where he sold the informant 20 Oxycodone pills for $200 in marked bills. The informant was wearing a recording device and reported that Hudson allegedly said that this would be the last such sale until he was able to refill his prescription. Hudson was arraigned on April 14 at $75,000 bail and faced an April 20 preliminary hearing.

Jessica Renee Barrett, 28, Ulster, faces charges for possession of a small amount of marijuana, after her daughter allegedly disclosed to a school nurse that her mother smokes “pot” around her from a “bowl.” A patrolman who interviewed the same girl heard essentially the same story, as well as the likely location of the marijuana in the defendant’s home. Barrett allegedly turned over her nominal stash to police on April 14 as part of the investigation, after first declaring that she had given up smoking the substance two days prior. A preliminary hearing is set for May 25.

Thomas Lesley Heasley, 42, Ulster, faces charges for DUI and several traffic violations after allegedly leading police on a chase on Jan. 15 that ended near midnight on Saco Road, north of Route 6. The reporting officer was en route to a vehicle accident, when he alleges that Heasley crossed the center line on the roadway and ignored the officer’s lights and siren for about a mile. After pulling off the road momentarily, Heasley reportedly sped away again as the officer was calling in the traffic stop. The officer alleges that the defendant was in the process of putting his vehicle in four-wheel drive to escape on an un-plowed road, when the patrolman ran to the vehicle, opened the door, and ordered Heasley to shut off the vehicle and get out. Heasley faces a May 25 preliminary hearing.

Roger Loren Reeves, 23, Erie, and Burton Paul Manley, 60, New Albany, face charges for DUI and related traffic offenses in separate events dated Dec. 31, 2010 and April 10, respectively. Reeves was pulled over on East Smithfield Road at Route 220, and Manley was pulled over on the Merrill Parkway, Towanda. Reeves’s BAC was reported at .164, and Manley’s BAC was listed at .325. The two men face preliminary hearings on May 11 and May 20, respectively.

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