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Tim Clark, Towanda


Henry John Benjamin, 46, Towanda, faces charges for indecent assault for an incident dated Feb. 27, just after midnight. Police allege that Benjamin grabbed and otherwise inappropriately made physical contact with two registered nurses who were administering treatment to him in the Towanda Memorial Hospital emergency room. The first alleged victim yelled at Benjamin and told him to keep his hands to himself before he reportedly grabbed the second employee forcefully, which she described to police as “terrifying.” A male hospital employee overheard the disturbance, entered the room, and told Benjamin again to stop before police were called. His preliminary hearing is set for June 8.

Rachelle Lynn Zekler, 22, Towanda Township, faces charges for simple assault and harassment for allegedly hitting her mother in the head with a plastic pitcher as a result of an argument while they were painting a room together at Meredith Colony Trailer Park. Police reportedly interviewed the victim at Towanda Memorial Hospital, where she was found to be bleeding from the left side of her head. Zekler faced a May 11 preliminary hearing.

Christopher Adam Richlin, 38, Towanda, faces charges for tampering with physical evidence in an incident dated Dec. 13, 2010. A policeman and probation officer searched the home for probation violations and found numerous utensils that appeared to have burnt residue on them. Richlin allegedly admitted to the probation officer that he had been smoking and snorting meth but had washed it down the drain when the officer knocked on his door. Subsequent testing of the paraphernalia did not detect controlled substances, but police want Richlin to pay for the $302 cost of lab testing.

Eric Robert Wood, 29, Monroeton, faces charges for criminal mischief and damaging property. Police allege that at 12:40 a.m. on April 17, Wood broke a window in the area of the Red Rose Diner on Main Street, Towanda. As Wood was not at the scene, police began taking pictures of the damage when the initial caller approached them to say that she had just seen Wood get into a silver car at the Dandy Mini Mart. They proceeded to stop the vehicle and noted that Wood’s right hand was bleeding. He allegedly admitted to breaking the window, the cost of which to replace was estimated at $1,036. Wood faced a May 3 preliminary hearing.

Daniel Eugene Harbst, 20, Towanda, faces charges for dumping up to 20 bags of garbage at a Monroe Township residence. The resident initially accused a nearby resident, whom he knew to be in trouble recently for trash code violations, after he found several pieces of mail and other documents among the scattered rubbish that bore her name. Police interviewed the accused, who, along with several other members of her family, gave sworn testimony and written statements implicating Harbst of removing the trash from their home because he supposedly had someplace to discard the items. Harbst denied the allegations when contacted by police but did not show up for a scheduled interview at the police station. Police have requested a fingerprint order as part of the investigation. In the meantime, Harbst’s preliminary hearing is slated for June 8.

Matthew Brian Chilson, 22, Monroeton RR1, faces charges for DUI and related traffic offenses for an incident dated March 8 at 7 p.m. Police arrested Chilson on Monahan Road in Franklin Township, where they found him and his car stuck in a snow bank. During the investigation, police detected a strong odor of alcohol on Chilson and transported him to Towanda Memorial Hospital after he allegedly failed field sobriety tests. A blood test produced a BAC of .131. He faces a June 17 preliminary hearing.

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