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Shawn K. Rooke, 39, Towanda, faces charges stemming for allegedly taking items from at least two vehicles parked behind Finlan’s Tavern in Towanda between 11 p.m. on May 14 and 2 a.m. on May 15. Calls to state police at Towanda indicated that someone stole a purse, a cellphone, several credit cards, keys and eventually a 2002 white Nissan Altima before going on a shopping spree. One of the victims stopped activity on the stolen credit card and found out that the thief had apparently tried to use the card at a Dandy Mart in Ulster during the early morning hours. The same victim’s cellphone service was also shut off but not before the alleged defendant made a call to his estranged girlfriend, who offered to cooperate with police when they phoned her at the same number. Rooke, who was known to police for involvement in an incident earlier in May, managed to rack up approximately $1,200 in charges on the other credit card taken from the stolen vehicle prior to noon that day, before the second victim made the call to his bank to stop activity on the card. With the cooperation of a Dandy Mini Mart manager, who provided receipts and surveillance; the manager at Kmart in Wysox Township, where Rooke allegedly purchased a ring with which he apparently intended to propose to his female friend; and the manager of Gia Sophia’s in Towanda, where a powder blue tank top and a pair of thong underwear was purchased with the stolen credit card, police concluded that Rooke was the culprit. He faced a May 25 preliminary hearing.

Amy Lynn May, 44, Ulster, faces charges for forgery and theft by deception for allegedly cashing six counterfeit postal money orders at Peoples State Bank offices in Wysox Township and Ulster between Nov. 8 and 10, 2010, totaling $5,850. Two state police officers from the Towanda barracks who have been involved in the investigation learned that May was in contact via the internet with a man from Cairo, Egypt, who emailed the fake money orders to her and asked that she send him the money. When interviewed by police, May reportedly admitted to the wrongdoing both verbally and via a two-page written statement. May produced Money Gram receipts that indicate that she sent at least $4,100 to Egypt. She denied keeping the additional $1,750 for herself and pledged to repay the bank, but the reporting officer cast doubt on May’s claims. She faces a June 15 preliminary hearing.

Cathleen Marie Ammerman, 53, Towanda, faces charges for high rate DUI, possession of an open beverage container, and related driving offenses from an incident dated May 10 at 2:35 p.m. A state police officer reported that he was dispatched to Airport Road near its intersection with Falsey Road in Towanda Township, where Ammerman was found stopped in the oncoming traffic lane, facing uphill on the downside of a crest in the road. The officer identified himself and asked Ammerman for identification, noticing a strong odor of alcohol at that time, the fact that she was allegedly not wearing a seatbelt, and the presence of a nearly empty bottle of green-apple vodka on the passenger side floor. The vehicle was not running, but the ignition was in the on position and the manual shift was in drive, so the officer subsequently removed the key. Police allege that Ammerman, who related that she was headed toward the Durell area, exhibited slurred speech, was having trouble standing, and wandered out into the lane of traffic several times, as if she was “oblivious to passing motorists.” After failing field sobriety tests, Ammerman was transported to Towanda Memorial Hospital, where a blood test produced a BAC of .280. A preliminary hearing for Ammerman is slated for June 29.

Christina Marie Dodge, 31, Troy, faces charges for driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances and related driving offenses. Police report that at 9:55 p.m. on May 15, Dodge was observed weaving in and out of her intended lane of travel north on Main Street in Towanda from the downtown area. After the reporting officer activated his emergency lights, Dodge continued for two blocks before turning onto North Main Street where she pulled over. Police allege that Dodge appeared physically intoxicated and initially denied consuming alcohol or using drugs. After a poor showing on field sobriety tests, Dodge reportedly admitted to having taken both Naproxen and Xanax about an hour prior to driving. A subsequent blood test at Towanda Memorial Hospital confirmed that Dodge had Alprazolam (generic for Xanax) in her system. Her preliminary hearing is set for June 29. 

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