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Tim Clark, Towanda


Jason M. Thetga, 29, Towanda, is facing charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest. On June 12, a call was made to Towanda police of a child custody dispute occurring on Plank Road in Towanda Township. During the call, there was a physical confrontation and the phone went dead. Officers went to the area that had been described and found Thetga in a trailer on the property. The police officer identified himself and instructed those inside to come out. Thetga charged at the trooper and slammed a door into the officer to slow him down while he attempted to flee. Thetga continued to fight as he was being detained and the officer deployed his taser twice, the first in the back, which Thetga pulled out, and the second in the chest. Thetga was transported to PSP Towanda and processed. His preliminary hearing has been set for June 22.

Roy L. Barrett, 29, Canton, is facing charges of simple assault, terroristic threats, harassment, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. On the evening of June 12, Barrett was found staggering around in the dark on Plank Road in Towanda Township. Barrett informed officers that there were several individuals in a trailer on the premises. He attempted to alert the occupants of the troopers’ presence, but would not respond when asked to identify those inside. Barrett was detained for officer safety. Further investigation into events leading up to that time revealed that Barrett had assaulted a female on the property. Barrett used a backhoe on the property to pick up the victim’s car while threatening that he was going to kill her. He was taken to PSP Towanda and processed. His preliminary hearing is set for June 22.

Louis E. Torres, 31, Towanda, is facing a charge of aggravated assault. Torres attempted physical menace toward a police officer and tried to disarm him on June 12. Officers responded to a call at Plank Road where Torres was. He had been hiding in a bathroom and attempted to disarm the trooper. Multiple commands were issued at Torres to lie down on the floor, but he refused to comply. The trooper deployed OC spray to help detain him. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled on June 22 for Torres.

Joshua A. Fuller, 26, Wysox, faces charges from May 13 of driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence with a BAC of .16 percent or higher, driving on the right side of the roadway, careless driving, turning movements and required signals. The officer came across Fuller stopped at a stop sign for a longer period of time than was reasonable. The officer observed Fuller fail to signal when making a right turn, cross the double yellow lines and travel in that lane for a brief amount of time. As Fuller proceeded to travel onto the Memorial Bridge, he drove his SUV into the oncoming lane before moving into the correct lane of traffic. The officer turned on his emergency lights, but Fuller did not pull over. As they continued across the bridge, Fuller crossed the fog line and nearly struck the bridge wall. At this point, the officer turned on his emergency siren and Fuller pulled over at the Wysox Dandy parking lot. He attempted to perform the field sobriety tests, but was unable to complete them. At that time, Fuller was placed under arrest and driven to Memorial Hospital where his BAC came back as .173. A preliminary hearing has been set for June 29.

Mitchell L. Jones, 23, Towanda, has been charged with access device fraud. On May 5, the victim went to Towanda police to report that there had been seven withdrawals from her bank account totaling approximately $1,200. From the bank statements she furnished, it shows that all seven external withdrawals were payments made to Jones’s Capital One credit card account. Victim had made one payment for Jones in the past and assumed that her information had been stored on his computer and he had been using that to make payments. Jones stated that he must have unknowingly clicked on the victim’s account information, because he had been putting money into his personal bank account to cover these payments to Capital One. Jones was asked to furnish his bank statements on May 9, but as of this date has failed to do so. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for June 15.

Tory T. Lamb, 21, Towanda, has been charged with forgery, access device used to obtain property and receiving stolen property. On June 6, Lamb was questioned regarding stolen property that had been found in the apartment that he was residing in. Five GPS units, purses, DVDs, a modem and other items had been discovered. Lamb had broken into vehicles in the Towanda Borough. He used one of the victim’s debit cards to make purchases throughout the day at various locations. Police were able to recover store information from the victim’s bank and interview each location regarding purchases made. Each time, Lamb had been described as the individual using the card for said purchase. Police also obtained video footage to confirm the descriptions. Police were able to contact the victims who had their vehicles broken into and they were able to identify the stolen items. Lamb was taken into custody and faced a preliminary hearing on June 15.

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