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Brad Lee Cordner, 26, Monroeton, faces numerous drug-related charges and manufacturing weapons of mass destruction for allegedly operating a personal meth lab at his Glory Lane home. Several people known and related to Cordner were interviewed by police in the wake of an investigation into a domestic dispute call on May 10, when police reportedly found Cordner’s wife passed out, face down, and bleeding on the kitchen floor and Cordner in his back yard attempting to bury evidence, such as needles, money, and receipts under a piece of tin and some straw. A search conducted after Cordner was placed under arrest revealed white and red pills in his left front pocket and a brown pouch that Cordner allegedly admitted to using to store bath salts. In additional numerous items used to create meth, police found crudely-crafted pipe bombs and supplies to make more, as well as handwritten documents about bath salts and photographs of Bradford County residents known to use and traffic drugs in the area. The wife of Cordner’s uncle reportedly told police that traffic in and out of Cordner’s trailer at all hours had increased dramatically since he moved in several months ago. She said that she had discussed the traffic and related noise with him and had expressed concerns about Cordner’s drug use, but to no apparent avail. She was under the impression that “the whole neighborhood knew.” Cordner’s sister, who was also involved in the investigation, reportedly admitted to using drugs with and without her brother to cope with the loss of her mother about five years ago. The sister expressed concern over Cordner’s increased paranoia, which, she related, has included his seeing police on the roof, cameras in trees, and people peeking in the windows. He had reportedly also talked with his sister about hurting other family members and taking his own life. A neighbor of Cordner’s father confirmed a report that Cordner had thrown an explosive device into the ditch in front of his home, which, he suggested, could have harmed him had he been closer to it when it exploded. Cordner’s preliminary hearing was set for June 22.

Jesse Matthew Chesla, 20, Wysox, faces numerous charges, including underage DUI, related to a June 1 incident that resulted in serious injuries to himself and two young men who were riding illegally in the bed of his pickup truck. Chesla, Jacob Lamphere, and Jack Johnson, and another young man had reportedly been drinking at the Lamoka swimming hole prior to Chesla and his friends piling into the truck and driving away at a high rate of speed. Chesla failed to negotiate a right-hand turn on Weston Road in Monroe Township, traveled off the north side of the roadway and crashed into a mailbox and several trees. Chesla and the two men in the truck bed were ejected from the vehicle, while the passenger inside the truck was not. Chesla and Lamphere were life-flighted to Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre. Johnson suffered a broken right arm, while Lamphere sustained two broken vertebrae in his neck, a separated shoulder, and lacerations that required stitches. Police found beer in the truck and along the debris line of items cast from the vehicle. When interviewed in the hospital ICU, Chesla allegedly admitted to drinking four beers. His BAC was .09. Chesla faced a June 22 preliminary hearing.

Dawn Nadine Miller, 50, Towanda, faces charges for simple assault and terroristic threats, stemming from a domestic dispute investigated by police on June 15 at about 2:15 p.m. During the course of an argument between Miller and John Smith, who share a home on Threshing Lane in Sheshequin Township, Miller struck Smith about the face and torso, causing bleeding, scratches, and swelling. She also reportedly warned him, “When you go to sleep, I know how to put a bullet in a gun, and I will put a bullet in your head.” Police report that Miller’s wounds were still evident when he was at the courthouse to obtain a protection from abuse (PFA) order against Miller, which is where police interviewed him. Miller’s preliminary hearing was set for June 22.

Robert Scott Trimble, 54, Leawood, KS, faces charges for sending threatening text messages to his estranged wife, who told police that she has requested to no avail that Trimble cease such actions. The text messages reportedly included threats that Trimble would burn down her house and kill her. The charges were filed on June 13. A preliminary hearing for Trimble has been set for July 22.

Benjamin Bailey-Richardson, 19, Richlands, NC, faces charges for simple assault and harassment after overpowering an Overton Township man in a fight along Morris Road at about 1:45 a.m. on June 18 as the two were en route to the victim’s Cahill Road residence. Richardson was allegedly acting as a designated driver for Richard Wesley Richardson, who had been celebrating his upcoming wedding in a bar in Towanda. On the way home, Richard began questioning Benjamin about a female that he had been seen with. The inquiry apparently upset Benjamin, who reportedly asked Richard if he wanted to fight about it. Richard told police that he intended to hold Benjamin so that he could not strike him but, once they exited the vehicle on Morris Road, Benjamin began kicking Richard with steel-toed boots, causing bruising and bleeding to Richard’s face, ear, chest, and shoulder area, as well as a broken clavicle. Benjamin faces a June 29 preliminary hearing.

Russell Lawrence Middendorf, 40, Towanda, faces charges for failing to register a new (possibly second) residence as a sexual offender. Police report that Middendorf has been residing at RR2 Towanda, even though he maintains that his address is RR1 New Albany. A preliminary hearing was set for June 22.

Danny Clyde Hicks, 61, last known to reside in Sayre, faces charges for a second Megan’s Law violation for allegedly registering a false address with state police when he was released from the Bradford County Correctional Facility after serving time for the previous violation. Hicks reportedly told police that he would be living with his brother at Rosleyn Court in Sayre but, when state police conducted a routine compliance check of registered sex offenders, a landlord at the address informed police that the brother had moved out in February, and the defendant had never lived there. A preliminary hearing was set for June 22.

Mandy Marie Foust, 31, Canton, faces charges for allegedly changing the quantity of a prescription for Percocet from 10 to 40, which she attempted to have filed at the CVS Pharmacy in North Towanda. A CVS employee contacted police, after confirming with a representative at Troy Hospital, where the prescription had been issued, her own suspicion that the prescription slip had been altered. Foust’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 29.

Criminal complaints have been filed against a number of local residents who allegedly wrote bad checks at area businesses. Jason Kyle Allen, 30, Wyalusing, is accused of writing a bad check for $30 at Williams Oil and Propane in Towanda Township on Aug. 29, 2010. Bobbie Jo Benjamin, 24, Towanda, is charged with writing a bad check in the amount of $21.06 at Bishop’s True Value in Ulster Township on Sept. 26, 2010. Mae Featherman, 35, New Albany, allegedly wrote a bad check for $344.50 at Root’s Appliance in Towanda on Feb. 22, and Stephanie Place, 26, Monroeton, is charged with writing a bad check for $100.70 at Root’s Appliance on March 28. Benjamin’s preliminary hearing was set for June 15, while the other three defendants face preliminary hearings on July 29.

Gerri Houghtalen, 37, Sayre, faces charges of intent to fraud for failing to report her husband’s income when she applied for assistance from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. It was reported that, between Sept. 2009 to Sept. 2010, Houghtalen received $3,312 in assistance to which she was not entitled. She faces a July 22 preliminary hearing.

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