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Jason Patrick White, 31, New Albany, faces charges of simple assault and harassment and for making terroristic threats on June 17, between noon and 2 p.m. During that time, White allegedly attacked his wife, whom he accused of having an affair. Police report that the woman told them that White punched her in the face and chest, threw her to the ground several times, and told her that she “didn’t deserve to live because she had destroyed his life” while holding an unknown type of gun to her head. It was unknown also whether or not the gun was loaded. White’s preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 24. 

Patrick Louis Ferro, 36, Milan, faces charges of DUI, careless driving, harassment, and making terroristic threats from events dated June 2 at about 1 a.m. Ferro was allegedly drinking at a bar in Sayre and went back to his home with several people. One of the girls phoned her boyfriend, told him where she was, and asked for a ride home. The boyfriend and his grandmother went to pick the girl up at Ferro’s home and she quickly jumped into the grandmother’s van. Her boyfriend decided that he wanted to have a few words with Ferro, but was reportedly met with a shotgun at the door and told by Ferro to leave immediately or (expletives deleted) get his head blown off. The boyfriend (a.k.a. the victim) got back into his grandmother’s van and told her to drive away. Ferro then allegedly jumped into his Jeep and pursued the three people in the van, passing them on Route 220 and cutting them off, forcing them to change directions while the victim phoned police via cellphone. Eventually, the Jeep stopped following the van, appearing in the rearview mirror to be disabled, and police asked the victim to wait at the Dandy Mini Mart in Ulster to be interviewed by police. The reporting officer passed the mini mart and saw the victim waiting but wanted to try to catch up with the possibly disabled vehicle. He encountered Ferro and the Jeep on SR 4014, one-tenth of a mile off Route 220, where Ferro was attempting to change a flat tire. The officer confronted Ferro about the allegations against him and smelled a strong odor of alcohol. The defendant blew a BAC of .161 on site and a subsequent blood test indicated a BAC of .181. The victim’s grandmother corroborated as much of the victim’s story as she was able to witness from her vantage point in the van. Ferro’s preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 24.

Christopher Lee God, 27, Sugar Run, faces charges of driving under the influence of methamphetamine on May 19 at 2 a.m. A police officer first observed God coming toward him, God’s vehicle allegedly straddling the turn lane and the through lane. In his rear view mirror, the officer noted that he saw God swerve in and out of several parking spots in front of the federal building on Main Street in Towanda. After the patrolman turned around to pursue God, the defendant allegedly crossed the center line in the roadway at least four times before he was pulled over. God was reportedly talking on his cellphone as the officer approached his vehicle. When asked why he was driving erratically, God allegedly told the patrolman that he was texting. The officer described God as “jerky,” talking rapidly, and rambling. God denied drinking but, when he failed field sobriety tests and a visual drug evaluation, the patrolman took him to Towanda Memorial Hospital, where blood testing revealed the presence of methamphetamines in his blood stream. A preliminary hearing was set for July 1.

Jesus M. Alvarez, 38, Towanda, faces charges for DUI and related traffic offenses after police observed him stopped at a yellow blinking light on Route 6 at the Bradford Towne Centre in Wysox Township. The reporting officer followed Alvarez toward Towanda and noted that he drifted into the left-turn-only lane several times and across the double yellow line on Memorial Bridge over the Susquehanna River before a traffic stop was initiated. Alvarez allegedly would not cooperate with field sobriety testing, so the officer, who was convinced that Alvarez was incapable of safely operating his vehicle, took him to Towanda Memorial Hospital, where a subsequent blood test revealed a BAC of .302. His preliminary hearing is set for July 20.

Michael Scott Marcoccia, 49, Laceyville, faces charges of high-rate DUI and careless driving from an incident dated May 24 at 3:10 a.m. The reporting officer, who indicated that he joined a traffic stop already in progress in North Towanda Township on Route 6 near Tomahawk Road, made contact with the defendant and detected an odor of alcohol. Though he was allegedly slow to respond to the officer’s questioning, Marcoccia denied that he had been drinking and said that he was on his way home from getting a pack of cigarettes at a mini mart. After he failed field sobriety tests, Marcoccia was placed under arrest and taken to Towanda Memorial Hospital, where a blood test was conducted that indicated a BAC of .230. He faces an Aug. 10 preliminary hearing.

Jessica Lynn Parker, 24, Towanda, faces charges for the possession and sale to an undercover agent of six Oxycodone pills and 10 Percocet tablets on two separate occasions in January and March 2010, as well as for the use of a cellphone to set up the transaction. Police reported that Parker called the informant on two occasions and offered the sale of the controlled substances, which led to police working with the informant to arrange for the purchase and retrieval of the pills, which were tested for authenticity. Parker faced a July 6 preliminary hearing.

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