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Mark Weldner, 47, Owego, NY, faces charges for terroristic threats and harassment from an event dated June 3, between noon and 3 p.m. In a complicated case that spans several states and jurisdictions, state police at Towanda have become involved in an investigation of circumstances between siblings revolving around their seriously ill father, who is in North Carolina. The victim—the defendant’s sister—claims that she and her brother were in North Carolina visiting the hospital at which their father was admitted, when the brother abruptly decided to go home and took the sister with him. As they were passing through Virginia, the siblings began to argue, and the sister expressed her objections to being removed from “her dying father’s bedside.” At some point in the verbal disagreement, Weldner, whom the sister accused of being “really aggressive” recently, allegedly stopped the car, brandished a pistol, and told her that she was going to die that night. She attempted to dial 911 but could not make a connection. Weldner reportedly “calmed down” and continued the trip, dropped his sister off at her Ulster Township home, and continued on to his Owego home. Within a few days after the trip, the victim phoned police to say that the house that she had left locked had been opened and left unsecured. Although she assumed that her brother had been there, police determined at the time that there was not sufficient evidence to determine that there had been an intruder. The responding officer did however notify New York State Police (NYSP) to alert them that Weldner might become a “safety problem” at some point. NYSP apparently interviewed Weldner, though the results of the discussion are unknown. The victim phoned police to say that she had contacted her brother to “make sure that he was OK” and that he again threatened to kill her. State police at Towanda spoke with Weldner on June 25, at which point the defendant denied owning a pistol or threatening to harm his sister. He did confirm however that the two had an argument on the way home from North Carolina. A preliminary hearing for Weldner has been set for Aug. 12.

Amanda Lynn Talada, 33, Towanda, faces charges for possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, as well as for using her cell phone to do so. Police reported that on Feb. 3 and March 22, Talada made arrangements with a confidential informant via phone to sell $30 worth of Vicodin and Percocet valued at $50. The separate transactions were orchestrated by a drug task force and occurred in a parking lot on Washington Street and the one-block, dead-end section of Bridge Street in Towanda Borough. Talada was arrested and arraigned after toxicology tests conducted in Wyoming, PA, were completed. She faced a preliminary hearing on July 13.

James Lynn Carr, Towanda, faces charges for theft by unlawful taking for allegedly taking $180 worth of Oxycodene pills from a Burlington Township residence on Jan. 7 or 8. Police report that Carr and a friend were invited into the Lynch Road home when their vehicle became stuck in the snow and that Carr picked up the bottle of pills off the kitchen table while his friend used the resident’s phone to call for help. The victim, an uncle of the person who used the phone, was in the hospital at the time and noticed that the medication was missing upon his return to the residence. The reporting officer interviewed the acquaintance of the victim, who said that she did not see Carr take the Oxycodone. When the man who made the phone call for assistance was interviewed, he disclosed that Carr had shown him the stolen medication as they drove away, which was dumped into a plastic bag before Carr allegedly threw the empty bottle out the car window and into the woods. Carr’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 12.

Camille Faso, 63, Towanda, faces charges for unlawful taking and receiving stolen property after reportedly taking $130 from the purse of a co-worker at the Seaboard Well Drilling building on Route 220, Ulster, at about 6:30 a.m. on June 28. The defendant was found to have a prior retail theft charge. Her preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 24.

Additional arrests have been made and charges filed against persons involved in an altercation on Plank Road in Towanda on June 13 between police and a mixed group of friends and neighbors. In addition to Roy Barrett, Jason Thetga, and Louis Torres, whose charges were detailed in a previous edition of the Rocket-Courier, Jessica Lane Page, 24, Canton; Tabitha Gladys Ackley, 30, Towanda RR5; and Lora Kipp Thetga, 47, Towanda RR3, face charges ranging from disorderly conduct and terroristic threats to simple assault and harassment. Each of the three new defendants named faces an Aug. 10 hearing.

Christopher Lee God, 27, Sugar Run, faces charges for driving under the influence of bath salts and related driving offenses from events dated May 22 at about 9:10 a.m. State police responded to a call from an Albany Township resident that a man had stopped his vehicle in the area of Dempsey Road, got out, removed his clothing, and acted as though he was “bathing himself.” As police approached the scene, the same caller informed them that God had gotten back into his vehicle and driven a short distance to French Creek Road, where police found him sitting in his vehicle. God subsequently got out of his vehicle and approached the police cruiser and asked the reporting officer where the nearest hospital was because he wasn’t “feeling right.” He allegedly further related to the patrolman that he had a rash on his arms and legs and that it was “freaking him out.” According to the report, God said that he was on his way to work at a nearby stone quarry and that he had stopped on Dempsey Road to change his clothing because he thought they might be causing the rash. The officer noted that God was slurring his speech but speaking rapidly and having trouble maintaining his balance. Upon questioning, God reportedly denied being under the influence of drugs but admitted to drinking with friends the previous evening and suggested that someone might have “slipped something” into his drink. Concerned that God was indeed impaired and unable to safely operate a vehicle, the defendant was transported to Towanda Memorial Hospital where blood was drawn. Results received on June 20 indicated that God had both bath salts and acetone, a solvent commonly found in paints that can be inhaled. A preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 21.

Michael Scott Marcoccia, 49, Laceyville RR2, faces charges for a pair of high rate DUIs and careless driving after a traffic stop dated May 24 at 4:20 a.m. Marcoccia was pulled over near the Tomahawk Restaurant on Route 6 in North Towanda Township. After performing field sobriety tests unsatisfactorily, the defendant was transported to Towanda Memorial Hospital, where he reportedly consented to a blood test that revealed a BAC of .230. Less than 10 minutes later, after police had released him into the custody of his brother, Marcoccia was observed driving the same vehicle and pulled over again. Police noted that he seemed confused as to why he had been pulled over and was reminded that he had just been arrested. He was taken back to the hospital where a second blood test indicated that his BAC had dropped to .178. His preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 24.

Joseph Robert Shiflett, 32, Towanda, faces charges of driving under the influence of marijuana on April 28 at about 11:30 p.m. While conducting an unrelated traffic stop in Wysox Township, police observed Shiflett “chirping” his tires as he exited the Dandy Mini Mart parking lot before proceeding across Memorial Bridge toward Towanda. The reporting officer observed Shiflett cross the yellow lines on the bridge several times before initiating a stop. The defendant allegedly appeared “nervous” while searching for his license and registration. When he was asked to step outside his vehicle, police found a multi-colored glass pipe with burnt residue inside his front pants pocket. Shiflett denied drinking any alcohol but performed poorly on standard field sobriety tests and a visual drug evaluation, which led to a blood test at Towanda Memorial Hospital. Forensic results received by the police on May 10 confirmed an unacceptable amount of THC in Shiflett’s blood stream. He faces an Aug. 5 preliminary hearing.

Randi Leann Potter, 32, Towanda, faces charges for DUI and a related traffic offense after police observed her crossing the center and fog lines on Route 220 in the Monroeton area at about 10:30 p.m. on April 23. Her blood alcohol level, derived from a blood test conducted at Towanda Memorial Hospital, was reported at .155. A preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 2

Dennis Michael Reeve, 19, Towanda, faces charges of underage DUI and careless driving, stemming from events dated June 1 at approximately 5:20 p.m. Reeve had apparently been drinking with friends at the Lamoka swimming hole earlier in the afternoon. One of his friends, Jesse Chesla, crashed his vehicle on Weston Road, Monroe Township, ejecting three other young adults, who sustained serious injuries. Reeve, who witnessed the crash in his rearview mirror, and the passenger of his vehicle stopped to aid the accident victims and were interviewed by police, who determined that Reeve was also under the influence of alcohol. A blood test indicated a BAC of .07. Reeve faces an Aug. 12 preliminary hearing.

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