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Trevor Lamphere, 22, Monroe Township, faces charges for criminal mischief and flight to avoid apprehension after he allegedly led probation officers on a chase through the woods near his grandmother’s house near Monroeton after 6 p.m. on June 2. During the search, his electronic monitoring bracelet was found in the woods, having been cut at the strap. Lamphere’s whereabouts were being monitored in association with charges more than a year ago that he furnished alcoholic beverages to minors. He was slated for a new preliminary hearing on Aug. 11.

Todd Loper, Chemung, NY, faces charges for theft by deception and failure to adhere to Pennsylvania’s uniform construction code after he allegedly charged full price for a poorly constructed garage and addition to a Sheshequin Township home. Operating under the name Loper Building, he accepted three checks from the victim between November to December 2008 totaling $15,100. Soon after construction, the victim noticed large fractures in the concrete floor and contacted Sheshequin Township, which sent a contracted code inspection official to the property. It was found that Loper did not acquire proper permits for construction and laid an inadequate pad and no footer, despite the obvious climate applications. The official reportedly spoke with Loper on Nov. 2, 2009, told him of the infractions, and requested that he remedy the situation, but Loper did not respond. Last summer, the matter was brought to the attention of police, who communicated with Loper’s legal counsel, Atty. Todd Miller. He sent a letter stating that he was looking into the situation, but police never heard from Miller again either. A summons has been issued for Loper’s arrest, and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 21.

Shawn Michael Leiser, 37, Towanda, faces charges for possession of marijuana plants that were discovered in his backyard on Lombard Street, as well as near a burn barrel along a creek adjacent to his property and on property owned by the Towanda Fire Department. Towanda police were tipped off by one of Leiser’s neighbors, who could see some of the 49 plants from his or her home. Police met Leiser’s wife at the door on Aug. 2 and asked her about the plants. She denied that they were hers, but told the two officers that they could go into the backyard and seize them. The police requested that Mrs. Leiser phone her husband at work and tell him to come home, at which time he reportedly admitted that the plants were his. Leiser faces a Sept. 7 preliminary hearing.

Jeffrey Garnsey, 50, Ghent, NY, faces charges of highest-rate DUI, as well as numerous driving offenses and failure to produce a driver’s license after he was stopped by Towanda Borough Police on Main Street at about midnight on July 8. The reporting officer indicated that he followed Garnsey south on York Avenue and witnessed him crossing the center line several times before initiating the stop. Garnsey failed field sobriety tests and refused to provide a blood sample, though he allegedly admitted to having had three drinks. A loaded pistol was found under the driver’s seat of Garnsey’s vehicle. He faces a Sept. 7 preliminary hearing.

John Grove Cole, III, 25, Granville Summit, faces charges for highest-rate DUI and related driving offenses after being puled over on the Merrill Parkway in Towanda at about 2:05 a.m. on July 22. Police reported that Cole drove south in the northbound lane for about 25 feet after turning onto the parkway from State Street. A traffic stop was initiated after Cole reportedly narrowly missed hitting the curb and crossing back over the yellow center lines. Cole allegedly admitted to having had “too much” to drink and did not perform well on field sobriety tests. Blood drawn at Towanda Memorial Hospital indicated a BAC of .279. Cole’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 7.

Robert Orin Lewis, III, 27, Towanda, faces charges for high-rate DUI and driving in the dark without his vehicle lights on. A police report indicates that Lewis was observed driving his pickup truck without operating lights in the area of Papa V’s Pizza on Main Street at about 2:30 a.m. on July 22. Lewis reportedly admitted to having had four drinks and did not perform field sobriety tests to the reporting officer’s satisfaction. He was transported to Towanda Memorial Hospital, where a blood test indicated a BAC of .146. Lewis’s preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 7.

Stephen Perry Woodruff, 27, Monroeton, faces charges for DUI and related driving offenses after he was stopped on Route 220, just north of Ulster, at about 1:40 a.m. on July 22. The reporting officer noted that Woodruff was having difficulty responding to questions and stated several times that he was tired and just wanted to go home, which he indicated was in Mehoopany, NY. The officer asked if he did not mean Mehoopany, PA, but Woodruff, who denied drinking, apparently did not understand the question. He again asked if he could just go home, but the patrolman told him that he was beyond the point of driving home without passing either a PBT or field sobriety testing. Woodruff allegedly failed the field sobriety tests, was placed under arrest, and driven to Towanda Memorial Hospital, where a blood test revealed a BAC of .11.  Woodruff faces a Sept. 7 preliminary hearing.

Brian David Crockett, 53, Ulster, faces charges for DUI, careless driving, and failure to use proper signals. He was stopped by police at about 10:25 p.m. on July 21, on Route 6 near the state police barracks in North Towanda Township. Crockett allegedly indicated that he had been drinking “hours ago” and agreed to cooperate with field sobriety tests, which he failed. After a PBT test that revealed the presence of alcohol, it was discovered that Crockett had already been arrested for DUI earlier that evening. A new blood test conducted at Towanda Memorial Hospital produced a BAC of .083. A preliminary hearing has been set for Sept. 7.

Kristine Baldwin, 43, Wysox, faces charges for writing a bad check for a $57.63 purchase at Hurley’s Market in Towanda on Dec. 23, 2010. Baldwin was reportedly given 30 days as of Jan. 11 to remedy the situation, but she did not. A preliminary hearing has been set for Sept. 2. 

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