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Elizabeth Mari Hagadorn, 22, Towanda, faces charges for possessing and illegally selling Vicodin, a controlled substance, to a confidential informant (CI) working with state police on Nov. 20. Police were contacted by the CI at about 7:45 p.m. and told that he/she had made arrangements by phone to meet Hagadorn at the Towanda residence of Jack and Ranea Stroud to purchase 15 pills at five dollars each. The resulting transaction, during which the CI was wearing a camera, yielded 10 pills for a total of fifty dollars. The deal was apparently cut just inside the door to the Fourth Street home. Hagadorn faced a preliminary hearing on Nov. 16.

Jack Ronald Stroud, 30, Towanda, faces charges for possession and sale of Oxycodone tablets on Aug. 17. A confidential informant (CI) working with police contacted them at about 4:55 p.m. to relate that she had made arrangements with Stroud via phone to purchase five pills for $70. The CI was dropped off by a state trooper on Elizabeth Street, from which she walked to the Stroud residence. The officer, who observed the action from nearby, indicated that there were additional people arriving at the home at the same time. Afterward, the CI told police that Stroud was not initially at home when he arrived. When Stroud did arrive, the defendant reportedly expressed concerns about excessive use of cell phones and asked the CI if he was being “set up,” because he has children. The CI assured him that the situation was not a set-up, after which, the CI reported that he witnessed Stroud, his wife, and another woman snorting some pills in the kitchen. Stroud then requested the use of one of the visitors’ vehicles, in which he and the CI left to meet a man referred to only as “Jim” on Airport Road in South Towanda Township, where the transaction of five pills for eighty dollars finally transpired. Stroud’s preliminary hearing was set for Nov. 23.

Tracey Bouse, 51, Towanda, faces charges for indecent assault and corruption of minors for allegedly engaging in inappropriate physical contact with a now 7-year-old girl on various occasions between Sept. 2009 and Oct. 2011 on Marcy Hill Road in Monroe Township. The charges are based on an interview by a Children and Youth Services associate of the victim, who reportedly stated that her “Uncle Tracey” often slid his hands down her pants in the front and back while playing with her. The state trooper who interviewed Bouse noted that Bouse told her that did not deny the activity and admitted to her that a “part of him” is attracted to little kids because he “likes the affection that little kids give him.” He now faces a preliminary hearing on Dec. 21.

Dylan Beers, 18, Towanda, faces charges for criminal trespass, possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, theft of services, damage to property, and receiving stolen property, stemming from his apparently staying in an abandoned apartment at 600 Main St. near the Keystone Theatre with his girlfriend. The building was apparently owned by Randy Williams and undergoing renovations. When Beers was apprehended, he allegedly said that his name was John Wolcott of Painted Post, NY. A subsequent search of the apartment, which had reportedly been damaged by the “squatters” during their one-month stay, yielded a bottle of prescription medication not prescribed to Beers, numerous glass pipes used for smoking synthetic marijuana, which was also found on the premises. Beers’ preliminary hearing was set for Nov. 23.

Bradley Charles Holcomb, 22, Athens, faces charges for possession of drug paraphernalia and synthetic marijuana. Police were investigating a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Patterson Avenue and Route 6 in North Towanda Township at about 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 21. Owing to major damage to both vehicles involved, the driver of a Subaru Legacy, later determined to be Holcomb, had to be extracted from behind the wheel and transported to the hospital. In the course of searching for identification in the Subaru, which had been struck by a Jeep, police found 36 empty packages of synthetic pot, a glass bong, and two packages of rolling papers. Holcomb was interviewed at the hospital and reportedly told police that he had been having problems with his alternator and had stalled in the intersection. When questioned about the paraphernalia, Holcomb allegedly told police, “I wasn’t smoking tonight, but it will be in my system.” Results of a blood test are pending. Holcomb faces a Dec. 16 preliminary hearing.

Richard Eugene Grant, 49, Towanda, faces charges of indecent assault, forcible compulsion, and harassment, stemming from an incident dated Nov. 1 at about 12:30 p.m. Grant had reportedly attended a Halloween party at the Main Link on Pine Street in Towanda and offered to walk another party guest to her vehicle. Once they reached the vehicle, Grant reportedly started kissing the woman and reaching for her private parts, despite her verbal objections. He allegedly told the victim that he loved her and wanted to go home with her to lie on top of her. When she repeated that she was not interested, he closed the door to her vehicle. His preliminary hearing has been set for Nov. 30.

Patrick James Kulick, 27, Towanda, faces charges for burglary, theft, and criminal trespass by breaking into a hunting cabin on Weston Road in Franklin Township belonging to John Kulick  between July 27 and 30 and removing several items, including a frying pan and spatula, a large crescent wrench, and two 25-foot extension cords. John Kulick told police that Patrick Kulick had asked if he could use the cabin, and the owner refused the request. A preliminary hearing has been set for Dec. 12.

Ebony Diasha Teeter, 19, faces charges for violations of controlled substance laws, theft, and unsworn falsifications to authorities after she allegedly took prescription pain medications intended for Richard Teeter on Oct. 11 or 12 and apparently gave them to a friend who told her that he needed it and couldn’t get any from his own doctor. The complexity of the charges stems from Ebony Teeter reportedly offering several different versions of the story to police. She now faces a Dec. 16 preliminary hearing.

Culleen Merrick Brassfield, 18, Towanda, faces charges of criminal mischief for reportedly removing and destroying her ankle monitor, which belonged to the Bradford County Probation Department and was valued at $1,740. Brassfield allegedly confessed to having a friend cut the monitor off her foot before she tossed it from a car window along Railroad Avenue in Towanda Township on Aug. 31. Her new preliminary hearing will be held on Dec. 30.

Six DUI arrests were processed last week in Magisterial District 42-3-03. The following summaries of reports issued from Judge Tim Clark’s office include name, age, residency, location and date of arrest, BAC (if applicable), pertinent additional charges incurred by each of the defendants, and preliminary hearing dates:

Todd Alan Parsons, 49, Towanda, SR2027 in the area of Route 220 in Towanda Township at about 1:45 a.m. on Sept. 2, exceeding maximum speed limits and highest rate DUI due to refusal to submit to blood test, Dec. 21.

Chris Duane Johnson, 47, Towanda, Berwick Turnpike in Monroe Township at about 7:35 p.m. on Oct. 13, .300, road lane violations, Dec. 16.

Richard Michael Rehfeldt, 21, Towanda, McEwen Road in North Towanda Township at about 1:20 a.m. on Oct. 29, .187, careless driving and failure to yield right of way, Dec. 7.

Steven Wayne Miller, 50, Monroeton, Brocktown Road in Monroe Township on Sept. 10, .162, road lane violations and careless driving, Dec. 30.

Kelli Jo Johnson-Lester, 27, Towanda, Main Street in Towanda at about 1:50 a.m. on Oct. 30, .149, careless driving and failure to yield to a stop sign, Dec. 21.

Ryan Patrick Woodburn, 26, Towanda, Route 6 at Oak Street in Towanda at about 11:10 p.m. on Oct. 2, .124, careless driving, Dec. 21.

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