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Tim Clark, Towanda


Samantha Brittany Walters, 18, Towanda, faces charges for providing false information to law enforcement officers after she allegedly hid Culleen Brassfield, for whom police were delivering an arrest warrant, in her bathroom, while simultaneously telling police that Brassfield had just left the Walters residence to go to Brassfield’s boyfriend’s place. A Bradford County sheriff’s deputy and a Bradford County probation officer knocked on Walters’ door several times before she responded from the inside of the home, saying that she was in the bathroom but they could enter. The deputy reported that, as they entered the home, a door of the kitchen area opened, and Walters could be seen sitting on the toilet. The deputy backed out of sight, and the female probation officer entered the bathroom and found Brassfield hiding alongside the bathtub, within Walters’ view. Brassfield was handcuffed and removed from the residence without incident, and Walters faced a Nov. 30 preliminary hearing. 

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