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Tim Clark, Towanda


Teresa Lynn Trujillo, 31, Burlington Township, faces charges of simple assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct after an apparent domestic dispute that occurred on Dec. 13, during a visit to their residence on Covered Bridge Road by a Children and Youth Services case worker. Several police officers responded to calls made by the caseworker, who told them that, prior to their arrival, Trujillo had kicked William Trujillo in the groin at least three times, slapped him in the face, and threw a tool pouch at him in the presence of her two children. Police reported that she kicked Mr. Trujillo in the groin one more time after their arrival and threw a cellphone toward them. Teresa Trujillo was taken into custody and later reportedly admitted to kicking, slapping, and throwing tools at Mr. Trujillo. A preliminary hearing was set for Dec. 21.

Luke Clinton Hutto, 28, Canton, faces charges for high-rate DUI and recklessly endangering his children, who were in his Jeep with him when he ran it into a ditch along Southside Drive in Franklin Township at about 8 p.m. on Oct. 30. Police were met at the scene by a nearby resident, who took the three children—ages 10 months, two years, and four years—into his home after helping Hutto get his vehicle out of the ditch. Hutto was attempting to change the flat tire on his Jeep in the resident’s driveway and told police that he was bringing his children home from trick-or-treating when he ran into the ditch. The reporting officer indicated that Hutto appeared to be intoxicated and subsequently failed a breathalyzer test and field sobriety tests before being transported to Towanda memorial Hospital, where a blood test yielded a BAC of .227. His preliminary hearing is set for Jan. 11. 

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