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Where's Reed When We Need Him?

Time was when virtually everyone in the Wyalusing area knew Reed Gould, who is pictured above in a 1968 photo shoveling snow when he was 73 years old. Reed could be described as an opportunist and when sidewalks needed shoveling in Wyalusing, Reed would be there with his shovel. A caption with this photo said Reed could "shovel circles around men half his age." In the summer, Reed supported himself mowing lawns, painting and doing odd jobs. One of our favorite Reed Gould stories centers around the time a traveler stopped him on Main Street one sleepy summer afternoon and asked how to get to Binghamton. "You can't get to Binghamton from here," Reed responded in his staccato mumble. "You have to go to Camptown first."

News items of timely interest gathered from the old files of The WYALUSING ROCKET and reprinted as they were in the March 12, 1981 issue.

Nancy Iseminger, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Richard Iseminger, of Stevensville, is a member of the Messiah College Concert Choir.

SP4 Keith Mitchell, son of Kendall and Lorraine Mitchell, RR5 Montrose, has recently been reassigned in the service.

The second annual Rocket-Courier Run has been scheduled for May 23.


Wyalusing Township is set to vote on the wet-dry issue in the upcoming primary election.

Laceyville legionnaires honor former comrade, Jack Trowbridge, who served as a member for over 60 years.

Damages figured between $400 and $500 were caused in four rooms of Tunkhannock Area High School on Tuesday night, according to Tunkhannock State Police.

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