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A Landscape Littered With Pillars of Salt?


When the people fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah were told don't look back. Lot's wife did so turn her head and it was instant death. She was turned into a pillar of salt because God saw this as her being sympathetic to what was and is now gone. A way of life, gone, but a way of life to total perversion. A land that challenged the very foundation of decency. If, in this day and age, we were judged so quickly, there would be pillars of salt all about the landscape.

We are no better today than Lot's wife or Sodom's inhabitants. We are not only sympathetic to abortion, criminal activity, divorce, partial birth abortion couples living together, questionable marriages, parental abandonment, gay activities, we live in a quagmire of millions of children fathered by couples who come and go and society winks at it.

Divorce—those who made it easy as in "no-fault"—should have been tarred and feathered. No fault was a feeble effort at equalization of the combatants, but it has missed the mark miserably. When I was very young, I lived amongst many immigrants. They were Italian, Jew, Irish, Polish, Russian and German. These people were family oriented. It was family all the way—no divorce in their lifetime. My parents were immigrants and I've been particularly thankful for that trait. I never worried about having to be abandoned by some stupid man or woman for some selfish idea the grass is greener.

There should be no tolerance for the selfish, childish, mean spirited, self-indulgent and total indifference of the young marrieds of this and the past generations of late. I want a divorce, I don't love you no more, says John to Mary. I'm leaving you, Bill, you can have the kids and the fifty-two inch television set 'cause I'm going over and live with your friend, Joe. I'm tired of you and the seven children that I've had with my last five live-in boyfriends.

There are millions of people living together who have kids who don't know who is related to whom. I know more than a few old folk who can look back and take second glimpses of what it could have been had they not taken the easy out.

Marriage is serious business and to walk away on a whim is to allow serious repercussions. Those children you walk away from will haunt your life, and there could be a pillar of salt in your future with your name on it.

Vincent Calaman


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