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A Special Thank You


On behalf of St. Joachim’s Church and the entire community of Meshoppen, I wish to extend a special thank you to Bill Ruark of Meshoppen Stone.

Bill supplied pumping trucks, backhoes, skid steers, tractor and trailers, dump trucks and many more pieces of equipment to help with the clean-up of the devastation from the flood. Along with supplying at least 25 of his workers, he was right there helping everyone the entire weekend.

Bill knows what it is like, being the owner of the Swift Mart, which was also flooded. He pumped out the basement of our church hall and many other buildings in Meshoppen. He also loaded the debris and hauled it away for everyone.

This was a very generous donation on Bill’s behalf. There were plenty more volunteers, too many to mention them all, but I felt Bill deserved a special thank you. It is people like Bill who make you proud to be a part of our community.

I have known Bill from back in school, many years ago and being the successful businessman that he is, not everyone in his position would have been there pouring back into his community as he did.

Again, thank you, Bill.

Chuck Bullock



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