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Address Changes Causing Confusion

Dear Editor:

Just a comment on the readdressing of our county roads and changes to our personal addresses. The process may have its good points and it may have its negative points. I am all for improvement, but it has brought havoc to our house.

We have three children who live overseas. Each adult child filed address forwarding to our home so that their U.S. mail would be forwarded to our address. I informed each child of the address change and gave them address change forms, assuring them that they had a year to change their forwarding in an appropriate and timely manner. The post office took it upon itself to change their already forwarded addresses along with ours and much of their mail is now being returned to sender without ever coming to our home. What a complicated mess.

Also, PennDOT allowed me to change my driver's license address on line at no cost. My husband has a CDL, which cannot be changed on line. The process involves a special form or a visit to the DMV, taking time off from work, standing in long lines and paying yet another fee on top of the already costly CDL license fees. Should we forward this extra cost to the county commissioners? In this day of hard economic times why should we allow more costs to be placed on the average worker?

Marcella Yasharian


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