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Agency Fights Funding Cuts


Dear Editor:

Emerging from struggles with this past year’s never-ending changes in the State and Federal Budgets, the Abuse and Rape Crisis Center (ARCC) is facing possible cuts of 10 percent to domestic service funding (Act 44) and to sexual assault service funding. The fiscal year 2011-12 proposed state budget is taking centers such as ARCC back to 1998 levels at the same time when there are more demands for services.

Staff members take pride in assisting victims to become survivors. ARCC’s mission is to end interpersonal violence and the agency's vision is to ensure safe, healthy productive lives for all who reside in Bradford County. For 32 years, ARCC has been providing services to domestic and sexual violence victims in Bradford County 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

In addition to the direct services to victims, ARCC’s educators present many anti-violence programs to community groups, to professionals and to students in the seven school districts as well as private schools. During 2009/10, the education team provided over 900 programs to over 18,000 participants in just the schools alone. The agency provides programming for the three hospitals in the county, the Bradford County Correctional Facility as well as Camp FLEA, Scouts and local community groups who desire a program.

ARCC realizes that these are very difficult times and decisions but it is crucial that the agency's funding can be restored to at least the governor’s proposal.

Judith G. Campbell

Executive Director


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