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Barry Named Wrong Dunklee

Dear Editor:

I would like to comment about the accusations Barry Aronson made about my husband, Keith in Wes Skillings's article "Golden Childhood."

Keith was not the Dunklee who delivered the punch to the teacher, it one of his brothers. With five boys in the family, I believe this was not the first time Keith was blamed for wrongdoings even though he was innocent.

Keith was drafted in the Army and spent 3-1/2 years as a medic treating his fellow soldiers. During his duties in England, France and Belgium, he saw the horrors of the war with other GI's. After the war ended, he also assisted medical treatment to the POW's.

Keith graduated from Wyalusing High School in 1942 and with the help of the GI Bill graduated from Syracuse University. I'm sure there were trying times during these years, but he never assaulted a teacher or his professors.

Maybe in the back of his mind when he got a low grade.

I would hope Barry would get his facts straight before he makes another statement. This was very disturbing to Keith.

Leona Dunklee,

Laurel, MD

Our apologies. Mr. Arronson's memories of Wyalusing were published to provide a look back at our community, not to offend anyone. We can assure you his error was unintentional.


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