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Catastrophes Attributed To Sins


Dear Editor:

There are a lot of people that believe that what we do wrong in our lives has no bearing on laws of nature. When I was a kid, almost a century ago, storms were always lurking, waiting. You hardly ever saw a picture of a tornado, to say nothing of encountering one. Hurricanes existed, but rare. Earthquakes have always been around, but they were not noticed much back then. Floods have always been around, but again tolerated. Large fires—also rare.

Now, do you really believe that the significant rise in all these catastrophic natural disasters is caused by humans impugning  the Creator’s laws? It has been, at best, meaningless to portray that logic to the human factor. Man does not want to accept that explanation as viable. Man is too much into himself to adhere to a simple Biblical truth. And that truth is break the rules, pay the price.

Points to ponder: high divorce rates and marriage has become obsolete. Gay marriages are rampant. Drugs destroy totally. Living together without marriage creates a plethora of disarray.

You can believe it or not; it’s your choice. But all the violence that nature has dumped on us in the last few decades is caused by our indiscretions. The storms, the family violence, the diseases, full jails, hate crimes and the stigma related to the proliferation of drugs brought about by how we chose to live the past many decades. I am always aware of new carnage awaiting us as I watch how the American people drift along and constantly make the wrong choices. I will make a definite claim: In the near future, I’m afraid that Obama will make a tremendous mistake by insisting Israel do what is not in Israel’s best interest, and America will pay a very, very high price.

The Bible tells you more than a few times—don’t mess with the state of Israel.

Vincent Calaman



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