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Citizens Concerned About Gas Drilling Need to Unite

Dear Editor:

There is growing concern about the negative effects of gas drilling in our county. More incidents of pollution of ground water, well water, noise, light pollution and air pollution and increasing truck traffic. We have local citizens actively watching this, noting it, calling the DEP with concerns, going to meetings and film showings and discussions by scientists on the pros and cons of gas drilling. Our clean water and air is more important than money. Network and join the local groups that want our natural resources to stay natural. If you see problems, call or write and you can be anonymous. Contact DEP at the Natural Gas Tip Line at 877-919-4372 or eyesondrilling@epa.gov or contact a local citizens' group, Citizens for Clean Water, Vera Scroggins, at 607- 237-9685 or veraduerga@yahoo.com.

Check out our web site where citizens write their observations, views and concerns at nepagasaction.org. Watch videos on youtube.com, which show a family struggling with water well pollution from gas drilling in Bradford County. Bradford County has dozens of families that can no longer drink their water after gas drilling.

Have your water tested before the drilling starts near you, if you can afford it. Test for methane and other gases, dissolved solids, metals, lead, arsenic, barium, aluminum and other elements. Stand up for the rights of the land, nature, animals and the health and welfare of all. We don't want our county to be an industrial wasteland. Take tours of the more-heavily drilled areas like Dimock, Springville and Auburn and ask questions of the residents. Gas drilling involves an entire infrastructure of pipelines from the drilled wells to transmission lines to compressor stations with their toxic emissions. Laser Marcellus Pipeline Company is predicting over 500 wells alone in the northern third of our county. Can we safely and healthfully live with this industry? Most industries of such magnitude are confined to industrial parks in other parts of our country. Our county is not an industrial park. The citizens can stand up and act even when their government is supporting the moneyed, profiteering interests of corporations over their own citizens. Please do not leave our grandchildren a mess to clean up.

Vera Scroggins

Citizens for Clean Water


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