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Clean-up Deemed Successful


Dear Editor:

The Cleaner and Greener team would like to extend a huge thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors that came out to help make Laceyville, Wyalusing and Route 6 in between “cleaner and greener.” Without your support we couldn’t have done it.

Thank you to all the volunteers­—Beth Trowbridge, Jim Smith, Haley DiMassimo, Mark Kusmierz, Arielle Kneller, Abbey Borel, Alexis Keefe, Becca Borel, Victoria Borel, Danielle Armitage, Ryan Armitage, Madison Armitage, April Hartshaw, Cheyenne Jenner, Carter Capwell, Heather Rosencrance, Tony Stoll, Tiffany Newton, Olivia Minturn, Missy and Bryanna Sharer, Macy and Jade Shillinger, Kia Yoder, Katie Prichard, Keith and Bett Penney, Ben Ruhf, Ashlen Johnson, Logan Carter, Duddy Brown, Beth Tiffany, Linda Sabatelle, Mary Jo Paul, Chris Walters, Lesa Huffman, Mike, Teri and Zack Templar, Megan Robinson, Alexis Bacorn, Taylor Cole, Olivia and Tony Lamb, Kevin Flynn, Selina Bendock, Emily Edwards, Haley Stoddard, Lisa and Hailey Jayne, Lorraine Brewer, Margo Ace, Courtney Salsman, Cooper Templar, Gabrielle Rodgers, Mary Bendock, Kevin Gibbs and several others who missed signing in.

Also, thank you to all of our sponsors: Laceyville Business Association, Laceyville Hardware, Eb’s Market, Wyalusing Rainbow Club, Franklin Lodge, Wyalusing Chiropractic, Cargill, Wiser Choice, Wyalusing Hotel, Dandy Mini Mart, BZ Michaels, Bill Clark, Tony DiMichele, The Rocket-Courier, Dave Keeler, Grovedale Winery, R.G. Brown for taking the garbage, PennDOT, Legal Blank, Jeanne DeRemer, Bluhm’s Gas Sales, Lech’s Pharmacy and Table Rock Hotel.

We greatly appreciate your continued support.


Rich and Karen Rodgers


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