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Commissioner Candidates Compared


Dear Editor:

When I read the hysterical ghost written letters slamming Lowery about grants, I had to respond. I worked for the county for over 10 years and Sharon Lowery worked with me as one of the most faithful volunteers I ever had. His accusations about grants were thrown out there by someone who obviously doesn’t know her.

Lowery has benefited this county with a devotion that needs to be known. When she came on board as the Citizen Corps Program Director, Mr. McLinko was against the grant. But note that he has put his signature to approve every grant that has gone through the county. The grant was $6,000 when Lowery took over, she not only wrote the grants, but she doubled the grants receiving almost $12,000 in the next cycle and $20,000 in the following.

She has been so dedicated to spending that grant wisely that she refused to pay herself a penny for administrator, which was allowed in the grant. She focused on seeking out local donors when possible and used each penny to educate the county and give thousands of free CPR and First Aid trainings and used the money to purchase very nice first aid kits that she worked hard partnering with Walmart to get the best kit for the money spent. To say she knows nothing about grants is absurd.

I guarantee you the letter writers, McLinko, Miller, and Harris who all have spoken against her and grants, have never written a grant or managed a grant. Sharon knows grants inside and out; she also knows if we don’t apply for them, big cities will get them and many EMS groups will suffer. She has a heart and passion for EMS. How easy is it for McLinko to yell grants are bad and target Lowery yet put your signature on every grant that crosses your desk?

I am a registered Democrat, but after almost 10 years of working with Sharon Lowery, who comes to the county’s aid whenever called through Red Cross or Emergency Management; I’m honored to have her as a candidate. She has donated thousands of hours of her own time to train and become a certified Emergency Manager through the state to better serve her county. She received the first Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) medallion from the director for her efforts in leadership for Bradford County also with an invite to the White House.

If the county is in danger of anything, which candidate do you want at the wheel? I’ve worked with most of them and I choose Sharon Lowery.

James Vajda, Jr.

Retired Bradford County Emergency Management Agency Director


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